With large numbers of office workers switching to telework in the past few months due to the health crisis, the home office has suddenly become much more important for productivity and success. If you’re having trouble focusing or looking for ways to improve your work habits, an office redesign may be in store. Inspired by advice from an interior designer Manhattan Beach, here are five ways to enhance your home office.

 Get a Comfortable Chair and Desk Space

The first step to an efficient home office is a comfortable spot for the majority of your work. Make sure you choose a chair that offers lumbar support and an adjustable height. Pick a chair that is made of a breathable fabric and has enough padding to keep you comfortable during the workday. Your desk should also be designed with your comfort in mind, with enough clearance underneath to accommodate your legs and a height that works for you. Additionally, pick a desk that has enough storage to hold your essentials.

 Bring in Plenty of Light

Another way to give your home office a boost is to use light. Santa Monica interior design professionals recommend that a home office has at least one window to the outside. The natural light and a nice view can help keep the workday from becoming dull and uninspired. Natural light may be able to help improve your mood, increase productivity and keep you alert throughout the day.

 Keep It Organized

If you want to get the most out of your office and get more done during the day, organization is essential. Make sure you create a space that keeps your work files and supplies neatly ordered so you won’t waste time looking for things or getting frustrated. Eliminate any unnecessary items that have nothing to do with work from your home office and store them in another room. A clean, organized workspace is also important to keep you working efficiently and maintain a stress-free environment.

 Have the Right Tech Tools?

Working from home means you’ll also need to stock up your home office with the latest tech tools. Keep your desk space free to house technology items like desktop computers, printers, scanners and laptops. Gather any loose wires and keep them grouped together so there isn’t a tripping hazard in your office. Ensure you have enough electrical outlets to accommodate everything that gets plugged in or bring in a power strip to help expand capabilities.

 Allow for Creative Thought

Finally, the best office interior design Los Angeles creative professionals aim to design offices that inspire innovation. Creativity and inspiration can come from different items, such as artwork or other unique design pieces featured in your office. Hang colorful pieces on the wall to give you some stimulation. Position a few comfortable seating accessories, such as bean bag seating or a relaxing futon, to get you out of the office chair and moving for more brainstorming potential.

Your office can be the centerpiece of your home for more creative thought and efficiency. Use these design principles to make your office work better for you and your working habits.

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