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Social media, the final frontier in the world of business and marketing and Instagram the newest member of the social media family that is taking businesses to height only the business mind can imagine. The number of people that flock Instagram makes it an excellent marketing channel for start-ups. There are so many unique tools that distinguish Instagram from other platforms.

One major feature that draws people to Instagram is its unique photo-sharing tools, users have the ability to post high-quality, engaging pictures that capture the customers’ minds giving you more visibility and increasing your sales rate.

To increase your customer base with Instagram means making more profit and the best ways to achieve this is

Separate business from pleasure

Instagram offers you the opportunity to have several accounts, so if you are into the business of customer servicing, having a different account for your personal use might be the way to improve your customer base while enjoying yourself on Instagram. The reason being that customers might be offended by the by certain personal posts which can deplete your customer base.

Post Compelling and Clear Pictures

Instagram is all about visuals. Majority of the people that visit Instagram pages have less than 15 seconds to spend on a picture, so a clear image is bound to keep them hooked to want to know more. The images on your page should be creative and eye-catching. It should also contain keywords that will attract the customers why promoting the brand so that once a customer sees your product, they are able to recognize the brand and the seller.

Remember that a visual representation of your product is the first marketing impression of who and what you are all about, so make it clean and compelling.

Use Instagram Tools

Some tools on Instagram will enable you to grow your customer base exponentially through simpler means. Tools like Gramlike allows the users to increase their customer base by making use of algorithms to engage with users via likes, comments an follow.

Make Friends with Influencers

These are Instagram established personality with a large customer base. They are like demi-gods that influence anything by their decisions and advice on Instagram. They are capable of promoting a brand from the ground up in a matter of minutes with their advice and vice versa. One very sure ways of increasing your customer base are to have one or more of them recommend your products.

Investing in Instagram Ads

There is no customer base growth without advertising and one way is by advertising on Instagram which will help you reach a new and targeted audience. This might sound expensive but it is well worth it especially for new business or when a new product is introduced. This method allows you to plan the ads in such a way that the ads reach out to the particular set of people that will be interested in the products. The use of Instagram ads will not only boost your sales but it will increase your customer base and visits your website.

Instagram is the marketing tool of the future, join the moving trend and be part of an explosive marketing scheme of the new world.

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