Gardening is the gift that keeps on giving. You can’t go wrong starting a vegetable or flower garden in your yard.

Most people start gardens for a practical reason like growing food or adding beauty to their yard. But one of the major gardening benefits is its impact on the environment.

Here are 5 ways gardening helps our planet.

  1. Birds and the Bees

One of the most obvious gardening benefits is that it’s a haven for birds and bees. With bees falling in short supply, our planet risks an unstable environment.

Flower gardens give bees a place to call home. Make sure you plant a garden that’ll attract pollinating wildlife.

Helping bees means more food for everyone on our planet, too. It’s estimated that one of three pieces of food comes from the work of bees.

  1. Oxygen

With meditation as a growing trend, we all have heard the benefits of oxygen. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that photosynthesis creates this oxygen.

A garden is a smart way to improve the circulation of oxygen in your home or backyard. Take a deep breath and inhale the wonders of your little oxygen factory.

  1. Lower Carbon Footprint

Walking outside to your vegetable garden helps save you a trip to the store. This is just one of the ways it lowers your carbon footprint.

Most people don’t realize that produce travels thousands of miles to reach our table. You can cut back on the heavy demand for cross continental shipping by growing your own food.

Even buying locally helps the environment as long as it’s in a reasonable distance from your home.

  1. Reduces City Heat

In the summer, the concrete landscapes of the city are prone to overheating. This heat, no doubt, hurts the local climate resulting in record high temperatures.

This impacts global warming hurting the environment for everyone globally. A rooftop garden eases the warming process of a city.

The EPA suggests that rooftop gardens help ease temperatures by as much as 5 degrees. This is a tremendous fact for just one garden. Visit a site like to learn more about your gardening options for your rooftop.

  1. Soil Erosion

Did you know gardening benefits include preventing soil erosion? Soil erosion means losing out on crops that help minimize our CO2 intake.

Too much carbon dioxide impacts the temperatures and climates on the planet contributing to global warming. Be sure to research your plant options before getting started.

Not every plant helps reverse soil erosion.

Understanding Gardening Benefits

One thing to understand about gardening benefits is that it’s not just about your local area. Your city might decrease in temperature by a few degrees, but the planet becomes a more habitable place.

With advances in resources, our technology makes it possible to influence weather around the world. You can positively impact the environment by starting even a small garden in your area.

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