When people all over the world discuss something together, it becomes a trend on social media channels. The discussion could be about business, social issues, human rights, the environment, and many more. Memes are trending these days and you can find some humor and fun in the things happening around you. Whether it is popular jokes, unfiltered reactions of people, you can use different types of memes for marketing your business, turning them into viral messages.

According to an article in Forbes, the younger audiences create content that’s perceived as genuine, piquing their sensibilities. They like to share interesting content to express themselves. Here are some popular types of memes you can consider for marketing purposes:

  1. Trending memes

People use trending memes these days that stay in the minds of the audience for a month or so, burn out quickly and then wane eventually. If you are planning to use trend-setting memes, make sure these work for your brand. Since the trending memes are short-lived, you need to ensure it helps in taking your marketing to the next level within a short span of a month. If you feel that your marketing efforts will take more time, do not use the trend-setting memes.

  1. Classic memes

These memes served as a lucky charm and not funny pictures or jokes related to the images. The classic memes will never burn out and help you with your marketing efforts. In other words, these memes will stay in the minds of your customers forever provided you know how to use the best images and text to make these memes memorable. Besides, you will find many other types of memes on Meme Scout including animal, awesome, and birthday memes.

  1. One-time popular memes

You can use these memes for once, which are awesome and appeal to your audience. Though you may not see these memes, they create a significant impact on your customers. One-time memes can make your business instantly popular and therefore, you need to use the right image and text. Avoid using a wrong expression when it comes to the image subject or a poor caption.

  1. Niche memes

These memes are meant for use for a particular audience and relevant to your brand alone. The content of such memes must be very specific and nothing generic. You can pique customer interest with niche memes by using pastel backgrounds, big, cartoon-type, or funny fonts, clip arts, and of course scattered cutouts.

Niche memes usually speak to a particular audience or an experience using a cohesive color scheme, image, or for that matter, a cartoon avatar.

  1. Series memes

The memes usually created or combined into a definite collection make series memes. Many brands are using them these days. Make sure the series memes are good and nothing bad because they either too good or worse. There is no such thing as in-between and therefore, use these memes with precision and forethought for marketing your business.


These are some of the popular types of memes that you can consider using for marketing your brand. There are other types of memes, which we will discuss another time.

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