When it comes to home design and improvements, curb appeal matters. In fact, expert realtors attest that curb appeal is essential to selling a house or maintaining home value. But, even if you’re not planning on moving anytime soon, you deserve to love your home’s exterior.

So where can you begin to create the curb appeal of your dreams? Trending front door colors are a great place to start.

More than just the entry point to your home, your door is often the first thing guests see when they ring your bell for a visit. Whether you prefer a traditional door style or embrace bold hues, your door color needs to feel welcoming. Read on to discover the five most stylish door colors for 2021.

  1. Calming Blue

Did you know that the color blue is psychologically proven to produce calming effects and feelings of serenity? What better place to use this calming shade than on your front door? Blue is always in style when it comes to front door trends.

But this 2021 season, step away from traditional hues like navy or midnight blue. And instead, embrace current colors like powder blue, sky blue, or vibrant turquoise. These blue hues look fabulous when paired with brass or gold hardware like front door knobs and knockers.

And a turquoise door screams Caribbean chic when paired with bold wood shutters or tropical window plants. But, if you prefer the traditional approach, don’t worry. Your home style can still be on trend this season.

Try bringing interior design trends like paint lacquering to the outdoors. A lacquer deep blue door makes a luxurious statement. This would pair well with a colonial-style or traditional home.

  1. Pastel Hues

Interior design trends 2021 are all about pastel hues. And we’re not talking just Easter-friendly shades like pink or yellow. Mint green, salmon pink, and lilac are just some of the hues taking over the catwalks and home decor magazines this season.

So, why not paint your front door a fun pastel hue? This is the ultimate way to make a trendy statement but still maintain a traditional feel. For example, try painting your door lavender for a cheery yet whimsical vibe. Or, for an elegant and traditional look, mint is a fresher approach to a deeper hunter or emerald hue.

Make It Your Own

If you’re worried about pastel colors looking too juvenile, ground the exterior design with bolder hues and accessories. For example, try adding a wrought iron door knocker or modern glass door insert.

Or, try creating unique or quirky front door designs with pastel paints. A small floral design or stripe pattern can dress up a plain white door without feeling overly bold or design-forward.

How can you incorporate these trends or create a door that perfectly fits your style? This door installation company can help bring your vision to life. They can even help answer important questions like how often should you purchase a front door, among others.

Taking Inspiration

Study Victorian-style homes and architecture to learn everything you need to know about making pastel-colored doors work for your home this season. Or look to iconic American cities like Charleston or Savannah where sherbet-colored homes and architecture abound. But regardless of where you live or the style of your home, a pastel door is a fun and light way to welcome 2021.

  1. Bold Black

Is there a color more iconic, bold, or versatile than black? A black front door is always on-trend. But this 2021 season, step up the design by incorporating unique or alternative shades.

And, get creative with your painting approach. For example, a matte black paint with blue undertones reads formal yet fun. While a deep black lacquer door screams total sophistication. If you aren’t a fan of bold colors or want a change from a vibrant home exterior, black is a great change.

Appeal to All Tastes

And, best of all? Black tends to be a crowd-pleaser. So whether you and your partner can’t agree on a color or you’re putting the house on the market, bold black is a trend everyone can get behind.

  1. Ultimate Grey

Pantone’s 2021 color of the year, Ultimate Grey is a versatile and elegant shade. Pantone has debuted the color to pair with the shade called “illuminating” which is a cheery and vibrant yellow. Try using this color pairing as inspiration for your home’s exterior.

Follow Pantone’s lead and paint your front door this trendy, rich grey hue. Then, try incorporating yellow touches across the shutters, window boxes, or even mailboxes. Unlike bold black, grey still gives off a formal and sophisticated vibe without feeling too dominating.

Some grey colors tend to have blue or green undertones. These shades pair well with natural stone exteriors or traditional white homes. Grey is a fun alternative to a beloved neutral.

  1. Au Natural

What’s a color or style trend this season that’s sophisticated without trying too hard? The au natural look, of course. Perfect for homeowners who prefer the less is more approach or those who can’t decide on a single hue, a natural wood door is always chic and in style.

And this season, the midcentury modern and farmhouse chic decor trends continue to gain momentum. Ride that style wave and install a natural, chic wood door in your home.

You can choose woods that show grains or groves. Or, bleach the wood for a country-chic look.

These Trending Front Door Colors Will Inspire Your Next Home Improvement

These front door trends can help transform your home and incorporate the best of 2021 style into your exterior design scheme. When considering these trending front door colors, remember that there is a shade to perfectly suit your unique taste and style.

Don’t be afraid to make these colors your own by incorporating special designs or working with other exterior elements like shutters or door hardware. If you found this information interesting, then check out our other home decor stories.

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