If you are planning on an adventure trip to South Africa, more specifically to visit the very popular world wonder, Victoria Falls, then packing your camera with you is definitely a must. We even daresay invest on a good one before you leave for the trip. Because you would definitely regret if don’t have a camera for the spectacle that awaits you.

David Livingstone, the first foreign visitor to see this world wonder described it as “gazed upon by angels in their flight.” Its local name – Mosi-Oa-Tunya, is very appropriate to its powerful crashing waters, as it literally means “The Smoke That Thunders.”

People from all walks of life and from all across the world visit Victoria Falls all year round not only to view the majestic and apparently the world’s largest fall, but to also to join in on wide array of Victoria Falls tours and activities and experience South African adventure this place has to offer.

Here’s your go-to guide if you plan to soak up the the scenic views immensely and don’t plan on skimping on capturing Victoria Falls’ beauty with your camera. Let’s go!

Luxury Train Tours

Travel in style by getting around Victoria Falls by train. This scenic luxury train tour allows you to travel to the famous Victoria Falls Bridge. You can take this luxury trip at sunset and have the wonderful opportunity to enjoy and capture one of the world’s most spectacular sunsets.

On board the luxury steam train you will also be able to capture photos of the local Victoria Falls wildlife and the beautiful Zambian natural landscapes. Most luxury train tours also offers 4-course dinners so you can enjoy the view and satisfy your palate too.

Boat Tours

There’s no shortage of options for available boat tours you can try. There are boat tours most of the time but the ideal ones for an awesome photo session would be tours that feature bird-watching and sunset river cruises. Most boat tours are situated in the Upper Zambezi river (above Victoria Falls) where tourists get to explore and observe the river wildlife, and about 470 species of birds to be seen in the area. This photo opportunity is great for animal lovers and tourists to spot hippos, elephants, crocodiles and other aquatic animals and birds in their natural habitat during sunset. Enjoy sun’s rays as it beams delicately on all these splendid creations! Truly an adventure for the entire family. A once-in-a-lifetime treat!

Photography Tours

Yes, these tours are actually available in Victoria Falls. Seasoned photographers accompany you on these tours. This time you’ll enjoy Victoria Falls and its teeming landscape and wildlife as you watch the sun rise. Professional photographers will help you find the right angle and lighting to get the best shot!

Most photo tours are done in small groups, not more than 5 people which allows the professional photographer to work closely with each member of the tour. Make sure you’ve got everything packed in your camera gear.

Segway Tours

Want to do some sight seeing and capture your adventure on photo or video on the go? Gear up with your wearable camera and have fun across the town riding electric segways. This guided tour takes you across all nearby Victoria Falls landmarks and tourist spots while learning about the locals and African culture. Enjoy the sights and make sure you capture them as you go!

Victoria Falls Helicopter Tours

This is as close as you can get to the powerful and captivating Victoria Falls! View it from above and capture this amazing nature’s wonder in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Helicopter tours usually lasts for about 15-25 minutes and tours you around Victoria Falls and the national park giving you unobstructed, up-close view of the world’s largest sheet of falling water and the lush wildlife.

This thrilling experience will definitely leave you breathless and capturing the amazing view from above, is definitely one for the books.

If you haven’t started planning your trip to Victoria Falls Africa, better plan now. Adventure awaits.

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