We are well on the way to summer now, which means many people will be trying hard to get ready for the beach by shedding some of the extra winter weight. If you are in a race against the clock to shed some weight before your holiday then you might benefit from switching to fitness exercises that are more effective in burning calories.

You might also want to think about trying to use the stairs more often in your daily routine, particularly if you work in a building that has lifts to change floors. Making some changes to incorporate more flights of stairs will not only help you to lose more calories, it will also help to tone up hips and thighs. Here are some exercises that burn higher amounts of calories:

Skipping/jump rope

You have probably seen boxers on TV (or actors on Rocky films) using a skipping rope as part of their training routine. This is not only to speed up their footwork, it is also a very effective way of shedding calories, so if they are trying to drop a few pounds for a match weigh-in then skipping rope will help them. Of course, it all depends on how fast you are at skipping rope, as doing it at a leisurely pace is not going to have the same impact.


If you have not tried Cross Fit yet, it is a workout class that has taken the UK by storm. It is similar to circuit training, as you are moving from one activity to the next but there tends to be more variety in the types of high-intensity exercises involved. For example, you might see classes that include elements of rowing, weightlifting, ropes, running and much more. Many CrossFit centres are equipped with CrossFit training rigs that incorporate a few different exercises in a small area.


It is not everyone’s favourite type of exercise but there is no denying that running is highly effective at burning calories so even if you are not a big fan, you might want to try it in the lead up to your holiday if you want to lose weight. Running is great because you do not require any equipment other than your running clothes and trainers and being outdoors can make you feel better as you are getting more vitamin D.


Squash requires a lot of running around to reach the ball in time and because the ball is played against all four walls, the ball never goes off the court. So you are not resting in between the ball going out of play like many sports such as tennis or badminton. Squash is calculated at burning over 600 calories per hour when played with high intensity.

Rowing machine

Rowing is another high-calorie-burning activity and you can buy a rower for at home or there are usually several of them at the gym for you to use. You can usually change the resistance to give yourself a higher intensity workout and then set the pace as fast as you can manage. The great thing about using the rowing machine is that you are working a lot of different areas of your body, especially when using the right technique. As well as giving your arms a good workout, pushing through your legs is great for leg muscles and you are also working on your chest and stomach areas as well. High-intensity rowing is measured at burning over 600 calories per hour, making it a good choice for weight loss.

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