Outdoor Lighting is an easy and cheap way to add beauty, elegance, safety, and security to your home. It also creates a warm, welcoming entrance for your family and guests. If you have an understanding of the kind of outdoor lights that can blend with your home exterior and landscape, then you can be able to choose the right fixtures from Lamptwist for your deck, yard, and garden.

With so many varieties of outdoor light fixtures available on the market, it becomes difficult to choose the right one for your home. The following are some tips that can help you choose the right outdoor light fixture for your home;

  1. The Style

When choosing a light fixture for your home, the style of your home will determine the kind of light fixture you’ll choose. The style of your home can be angular or contemporary, Craftsman or Spanish, or elegant. However, there are light fixtures for every home style.

Consider the colors used in stonework, siding, and roofing. Beige and red brick works best with lighting in similar finishes such as bronze, brass, or copper. If your home has black or grey tones, choose to light with a black, chrome, or white finish.

  1. Any rules that should be adhered to

There are some states, like California that require outdoor light fixtures to be energy efficient or Dark Sky certified to reduce light pollution. There may be some local legal restrictions or homeowners’ association guidelines around that determines kind of outdoor lighting that you can use. So you have to be aware of all these rules and regulations when buying your outdoor lighting fixtures.

  1. The amount of light that you need

One of the most important factor when choosing an outdoor light fixture is the amount of light it produces. Try to use multiple outdoor light fixtures together to avoid too much brightness in a single fixture. You can use outdoor wall lights at your front and side door, an outdoor ceiling in your garage and path lights in the walkway to the door.

  1. The importance of energy efficiency

Homeowners in America use more electricity for more hours per day on outdoor lighting than on any other room, that’s according to the United States Department of Energy [DOE]. If you are trying to cut cost on energy, outdoor lighting is a great choice.

If you choose an incandescent-based lighting fixture, choose a more energy efficient bulb like compact fluorescent lamps [CFL] or LED. The CFL of today are designed to deliver better color and can appear as natural as LED.

The rule of the thumb is that you should choose LED if you live in a cold area. CFLs don’t like the cold weather and may become faulty during cold days.

  1. Maintenance

Maintaining your outdoor lighting fixtures is important in ensuring your safety and security. The following are ways that can help you maintain your outdoor lighting fixtures;

  • Clean grimy lenses with a soft cloth and mild soap
  • Replace broken bulbs
  • Trim bushes, branches, and shrubs to prevent light obstruction.

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