Have you ever thought of growing plants without using soil? Do you even believe, if it said that there is any possibility to grow plants without using water? Well, then the answer is yes. Don’t shock, what I am about to share here.

Hydroponics is the technical term for growing plants or shrubs without using soil but providing water continuously. You may be aware of the nutrients provided to the soil for the growth of crops and plants.

In the same way, hydroponics needs hydroponics supply for the plant to grow properly. A person new to hydroponics may not know about the hydroponics supply. Also, the supply differs from plant to plant, and it is difficult to maintain a hydroponic without the knowledge of the nutrient supply.

Share a few tips for newbies who are reluctant to start their gardening. 

Tips for Hydroponics Newbies


  • Selection of Plants


  • The first and foremost step before starting the construction of the hydroponic system. If New in hydroponics, must opt for plants like growing peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, strawberries, and many more.
  • One can select a particular type of plant to know about the plant’s nature. Like it’s an environment or the minerals required for its growth, etc. Like tomatoes and peppers require much light and heat when compared to strawberries and lettuce, which require less heat. 
  • Keep in mind the temperature conditions and it’s the environment. Provide good nutrient supply to plants. By adding correct percentages of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, oxygen. Different plants have different percentages of nutrients.


  • Proper Construction of Hydroponic Plant Structure


  • New hydroponics may not have clear ideas, like how to construct the structure to supply good hydroponics supply to plants. 
  • Structure plays an important role in hydroponics. 
  • Also, never use the cylindrical plastic pipes because it creates surface tension in water and to the plant in it. 
  • So always use a rectangular pipe structure that provides even food to all the plants in that row. 
  • Provide a good water pumping system. So that water does not get stagnant in those pipes which may result in the growth of bacteria and fungi. 


  • Maintaining pH Levels


  • The pH level of water is very important as it represents the acidic and basic nature of water. 
  • Plants when supplied with a pH value greater than 7. Then the plant growth may be varying in its color, flowering, fruiting, and also its growth. 
  • So always maintain a pH value of 6 or less than 7, which is very crucial for the growth of the plants. 
  • The acidic nature of the water provides the plant with all types of nutrients without altering its growth and reproduction. Newbies, please learn more and more about the pH concept of plants of different types of plants you want to grow. 


  • Rendering Good Water Flow


  • New hydroponics do not know about the water system used here. The construction step discussed above should be made perfect to apply this step in actual. 
  • The pipe arrangement is permanent and not alterable after its construction. The water flows through these pipes, and after that, it mixes with minerals in two of quantity. 
  • The plant absorbs the hydroponics supply continuously but makes sure that water is continuously running inside the pipes. If the water that is inside is still and is not moving then it would be great. That to the origin of bacteria and other deadly diseases to cross and plants. Always clean those pipes after removing the plant. 
  • There are algae present due to the water presence. Likewise, exposure to sunlight may also cause bacteria to grow in water. So there are many possibilities for the occurrence of bacteria in plants. 
  • Be careful before installing and running all the setup of the hydroponic system.


  • Safety Measures


  • This final top is very important as the plants may be contaminated due to unnecessary interaction with the outside world.
  • Do follow proper safety measures before allowing any human to enter into the hydroponic farm. 
  • The person may not be clean and if he touches some of the other plants, it may lead to hydroponic infections. 
  • Also do not allow the household animals to enter the farm which leads to the degradation of the farm. 
  • The person entering the farm must wear a proper suit. One who does not know the importance of this farming technique is the one who is left behind in technology.


These are the five major important steps for newbies in hydroponics. Try to learn more about the above-said tips because it is not easy as it seems to implement. So firstly, start with some household plants like the tomatoes and chilies or the peppers. Provide sufficient nutrients to have a good result. Even the first attempt may fall. Do not lose hope because the technology is emerging so quickly that aeroponics and other cultivating techniques are put into practice. 

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