There are various ways you can display your photos, some awesome, some boring.  If you want to have the photos and images looking great with HD quality as well as head-turning colors, you can consider metal prints.  Compared to traditional photo prints, the difference is noticeable – it makes you create a display in a modern way and with better quality.  Having said that, there are things you need to consider when you are getting metal printing.  Here are five things to look out for in metal prints in Canada:

  1. The Size of Print

Depending on the purpose of the metal photo print, you want to get the right size.  If you are looking for a piece to hang on the wall in the living space, you probably want a larger size one to achieve an appropriate balance.  On the other hand, if you are looking for a print that you will place on the table, a small size one will work better. For a collection to your cabinet, again a smaller size print will look better.

  1. Quality of Metal Panels

The kind of metal panels used for metal prints Canada differs significantly.  There are those that may appear attractive; however, they are made of substandard materials.  Unless you have worked on prints before, you may not know what is genuine and what is of poor quality.  To avoid getting your photo prints on inferior materials mimicking professional quality prints, you need to ask about the type of material that is used.

  1. The Quality of Colors

The person you hire to print photos on the metal should have the expertise needed to bring out the colors.  The accuracy and appearance of the print will largely depend on the ability of the printers to produce colors consistently. The individual needs to understand the printing process and color management.  The ink used should be calibrated and profiled to work well with metal panels.

  1. The theme of the Print

Sometimes, you don’t want to have the flashy, colored photos but something unique and different from today’s prints.  For example, you may want to have the picture looking like it’s in the 80s.  If that’s the case, a black and white background helps you achieve the desired theme.

  1. Finish Options

A majority of metal prints have two base color coatings – a transparent clear or an opaque white.   The base coat functions the same as paper by allowing the inks to soak in.  The specialized base coat on the metal panel is protected by an outer coating that takes different appearances.  For example, you can have an outer coating with matte, satin, or glossy appearance. The finishing you choose will depend on your preferences and where you intend to use the metal print piece.

In brief, metal prints are durable and offer great value.  They also are fade and scratch resistant while being waterproof.  However, not all metal printings offer quality products.  You need to know what you expect when getting metal prints in Canada so that you have the desired print product.

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