Regardless of how old you are, young or old, moving remains to be one of the most frustrating and stressful events in an individual’s life. But, as with age moving becomes even more hectic as it is hard to let go of beloved items.

According to a credible study, 50% of the senior citizens do not move simply because they are emotionally attached to their current home. However, with the help of senior moving companies, the process does become easier.

The senior movers and the senior move management services help ease the burden of the senior citizens during a move helping them transition from their current residence to the new place by effective downsizing.

But, here is the rub. What should one look for when hiring a senior moving company or service? Is it the experience or credibility? Should we overlook the pricing if other boxes tick? Let’s find out what to keep an eye out for when hiring a senior mover.

1. Experience and background checks

By law, a senior mover should be backed up by liability insurance, must have necessary certifications in code of ethics and safety, and the senior moving service should offer a contract for the safety of the movers, family, and the senior citizen. The code of ethics should be followed by all the movers.

In fact, if you find a company that has moving managers who have adopted senior move management as a post-retirement job, then you are at the right place. Many movers have completed courses in psychology, social work, nursing, and event marketing.

Such rich educational and professional background allows these movers to better connect with the senior citizens on a deeper level.

2. Will the mover be able to help the senior citizen downsize the belongings with respect intact?

It is human to get attached to the place one spends most time at. So naturally, when someone spends a major chunk of their life in a place, it is hard to leave it behind.

Hence, a senior move manager should be able to empathize with the situation of the senior as they struggle to sort out their belongings. The mover should come up with effective solutions that will help the client transition easily.

3. A good moving company keeps the senior “in charge” of the move

A good moving company will actively engage the senior citizen during the move right from the get-go. This is important so that the senior does not feel that something is being taken away from them. One example of this could be to help them sift through their old clothes, photo albums, or Christmas decoration.

If the company is able to put everything in front of the senior individual, they will be in a better position to make the decision. At times, due to the demise of a family member or the spouse, the older person decides to change residence. Hence, movers should empathize with their situation.

4. Senior movers must emotionally counsel the client to make the transition easier to assisted living

We have already discussed above that one major reason why a move is so difficult for a senior citizen is because of their emotional attachment to the current place.

So, it is better to hire a moving manager who not only assists with the move but can emotionally help the individual transition to an assisted living style or a senior home.

5. Senior moving managers help resolve conflicts

Another major reason that a senior move is so difficult is due to the emerging family conflicts between the senior and their children. Many times, one person advocates the move while others argue. It is imperative that a senior moving manager should be skilled in conflict resolution to help the transition.

The moving manager here can present viable solutions to the family helping them decide what things to keep, donate, or sell. A senior individual has emotions attached to their belongings, a moving manager helps take out that emotion to make things easy.

Miscellaneous Tips

1.   A senior mover should have good connections

Many movers are either real estate experts, social workers, or appraisers, which makes their job as a mover even more dimensional. They should have good connections with loaders, packers, and other people who can help with the move.

Such connections can also help the family get discounts or affordable moving packages ensuring that everything fits in the budget.

In fact, many local senior communities collaborate with senior move managers to help relocate senior citizens at affordable costs and desirable places. These connections can go a long way for the family.

2.   A good senior moving manager knows how to resell and donate items

A credible senior moving expert knows the art of reselling and donating the belongings that are no longer in use by the senior client. They can help the family decide what to keep and what to donate and where to donate.

When everything is set in place, it would be easier for the senior citizen to easily move to a new place.

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