Technology has always been in our life since the medieval age. These technologies have changed the way of living. From using around rocks for moving heavy things from one place to another place to the scientific world we are in now. Technology has spread itself to every field in human life. Construction industries have been the same. 5 new technologies have been introduced in the construction industry to make the work easier.

Technologies that are disrupting the construction industry

Imagine wearing an iron man’s Armor while doing heavy labour work or wearing augmented 3D glasses to make the construction planning easier. It all seems to be the visual out of a science fiction movie. But yes, this will come true in the near future.

Here are some of the technologies that are revolutionizing the construction industry.

  1. Exoskeleton

It is one of the technologies out of the future. The thing which we have seen in the iron man, where Tony Stark wearing Armor and lifting things in the virtual reality is now actually possible in real life.

Yes, you heard me, technology has advanced to the level where exoskeleton is being produced to reduce the stress of the laborious jobs.

Laborers are paid less and being used more, so if this technology is circulated in the market, the efficiency of work will increase drastically. In addition, the safety of the people will also be covered with the use of this technology. And for the construction industry, the exoskeleton industry is more than a boon. With the introduction of this technology in the construction industry, the work will become more efficient.

  1. Virtual technologies

Virtual technology may include virtual reality, augmented reality or mixed reality. These three virtual technologies come together to help the engineers understanding the building module. As the construction is becoming more and more sophisticated, virtual reality technologies provide a helping hand to the architects with the design.

To date, there are many architectural companies that have been greatly influenced by this technology in a positive way.

These are some of the ways in which this technology is being used.

  • Helps in 3D modelling of the buildings.
  • It helps you to improve the building information model (BIM).
  • It provides you with the permanent record of the building and helps the client to explore the possibilities of the project.
  • Provide an Xray vision to the worker so that they can work efficiently.
  1. 3D printing

3D printing has been in the industry for several years but it was never considered a relevant invention for the construction industry until last year. Many companies have already started using this technology for making prototype models of the project to have a clear understanding of the infrastructure.

What makes this technology one of the best is that it can create models out of thin air with the help of molten plastics. This is a time-consuming process, but surely the results are satisfying.

This technology has the ability to perform its work on both on-site and off-site. The feature that makes it’s more useful is that this machine is fully automated and you do not need workers working in the shift for operating it.

  1. Sustainability

For several decades the building modules have been placing more and more pressure on the building design. This is just to reduce the environmental impact on nature and sustainability. And the pressure is not going to be reduced, in fact, there will be new strict rules and regulations for the building design in 2020.

Optimizing the energy efficiency and emission of the carbon in the atmosphere has been the main work of the sustainability design. To these needs, many technologies have been responded with improved thermal insulation material for the construction. New types of methods are also being used to reduce the pressure on the earth’s surface.

One such technological innovation is the development of the concrete roof that has the ability to store energy. Innovation like this can introduce a new lifestyle for people to live in an eco-friendlier way.

  1. Building information model (BIM)

The building information model is a managing system that manages everything of the construction site from cradle to grave. These models are the exact replica of the original construction. This method has improved the way of planning things for the construction industries.

In fact, there are many companies that have made it mandatory for making a BIM for every project. BIM allows the builders and the engineers to be thorough with their plans, design, and infrastructure. This technology’s sole purpose is to weed out any possible problems even before the starting of the project.

As I have already mentioned the Virtual reality technology in the above section. With the integration of VR technology, BIM will show its full potential.


Technology innovation is the key to open the door for a better future. It is due to this technological advancement that mankind has reached the current summit and is still trying to uncover the next big things in the world.

I have enlisted many technologies that have surfaced recently and creating a great disturbance in the world in a positive way. You will soon realize the full potential of these technologies in 2020. It is just a matter of time that new technologies will take over all mankind.

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