Are you tired of your boring old house and want to give it a completely different look and feel, or is your house overdue for an upgrade?

Whatever your reason, here are 5 small changes you can make around the house that will have a big impact on the look and feel of your home, and even boost your home’s market value.

  1. Add a fresh coat of paint

This is probably the most obvious thing to do when it comes to upgrading the look and feel of your house.

Slapping on a fresh coat of paint is not just an affordable way to upgrade your home, it is also very easy and something you can do as a DIY project in your spare time. In fact, except where work and business schedule will not allow, very few people hire a professional painter to touch up their houses.

For the best results, paint the interior and exterior. Be sure to use a colour scheme that complements the existing features and elements in and around your house, so that you don’t end up with a worse look than you started with.

Painting the interior in bright colours will do a lot to make your room appear larger than it is, as bright colours work well with light to give an appearance of size. This is a great tip for when you have small spaces.

  1. Upgrade windows

Do you know that windows play a vital role in the energy efficiency of your home? A larger percentage of the heat loss you experience happen because your windows and frames are weak, allowing heat to escape and letting in cold air. This will cause you to use up more artificial heating so that at the end of the month, you pay heavy energy bills.

Repairing, replacing, or upgrading your windows will do a lot for the energy efficiency of your home. Not only will this seal up every leak spot, but it will also add to the aesthetic value of your home.

You can decide to completely change the design of your current windows by installing a totally different and new one, or you can install double and triple glazing for better efficiency.

You can also enlarge your existing windows to allow for more natural light and air, which will make your rooms appear bigger than they are.

While it is possible to handle basic window repairs on your own, certain upgrades will require the service of professionals, especially if the changes may affect the structural integrity of your home. In this case, it is best you hire a building expert. You will definitely find good ones like Sika Homes, who are experts in renovations and alterations of existing buildings.

  1. Upgrade lighting

Do you know that just a small change in light and lighting fixtures can completely alter the look and feel of your house?

Upgrading your home lighting system is one of the best ways to change your home without doing extensive renovations. You can change from regular lights to recessed lights, and give your interior a stylish look, or you can replace the ceiling lights with colourful shades so that your house looks different when the lights are on.

There are just so many ways you can use lights to alter your house including installing skylights, using bigger windows, and opting for bigger sources of natural light.

If you are unsure of what to do about lighting in your house, you can consult a professional who may give insights that will help.

  1. Accessorise

You can use home decor and accessories to maximise the interior design of your house so that it looks more attractive.

Strategically placed mirrors, picture frames, artworks, and even natural elements like plants can alter the look and feel of your home so that it looks radically different. But that is not all. Using elements like these in your home also does great wonders for mental and physical health. In fact, artworks and natural elements inside the house have been known to promote good mental health.

  1. Consider greenery

The interior of your house is not the only place that can benefit from plants. While it is true that houseplants are a great addition indoors, they can also play as effective a role outside.

After altering the look and feel of your interior, you can plant greeneries on the outside to also boost your home’s kerb value, alter the exterior of your home, and bring more life to the outdoors.

If you have more time on your hands, you can even consider planting a small garden or planting a tree in the centre of your compound.

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