Your garage door does more than just providing access to your garage. It provides an amazing level of utility, enhances the curb appeal and increases the value of your home. But that can only be true if it’s well maintained and updated.

If your garage door is throwing off your home’s design, inconveniencing your operation, or simply not up to standard, it might be time to replace it. Here are top 5 signs you should get rid of your old garage door.

1. Noise level

Sometimes increased noise levels might just mean certain garage door parts need replacement or repair. However, you should not ignore these noises, because they’re more than just an inconvenience. A garage door in its proper working condition should run smoothly with minimal noise. If your door develops sudden new sounds in form of grating, squeaking, banging and grinding, it’s a clear sign you need to replace it.  

A common factor that can cause for increase noise is unlevel track.  Over time it’s possible that your garage door could fall off track and require repair.

2. Sagging

Roswell GA Garage Door Replacement and Repair

Sagging can be a really big issue, especially with wooden garage doors. If a wooden door is not well maintained, it can sag from decomposition, rot and overall deterioration. And even if your door is not wooden, any garage door showing signs of sagging means there is a major serious underlying issue. It’s recommended that you talk to Garage door installation and repair professionals to have a new door installed is you it shows noticeable signs of sagging.

3. Safety and security

Garage doors are known to cause injuries and sometimes even death if they shut unexpectedly. If your door doesn’t close the whole way, or the automatic reverse mechanism isn’t being triggered as it should be, it’s dangerous and may require garage door maintenance services. These issues can hurt your loved ones and pets, as well as damage your home and leave it exposed to anyone determined to break in.

4. Aged Design

A vintage, old-fashioned or antique design is nice if it matches the overall design and looks of the rest of your home. However, if your garage door has been beaten up by weather elements over the years and now it simply looks outdated rather than classic, it’s time to replace it. Doors generally fall apart, fade or rust, and this makes your home look bad, considering it’s one of the largest features on your house. Replace your old garage door with a modern, new design to upgrade the look of your house.

5. Repeated Breakdowns

Occasional garage door breakdowns are normal and can easily be fixed by garage door repair experts. However, should you notice repeated breakdown from abuse, age or normal wear and tear, start thinking about replacing the door. Instead of spending money on constant repairs, think about diverting it towards a new garage door installation. If you decide to stick with your old troublesome door, soon or later the cost of repair will outweigh the cost of buying a new door.

Bottom line

If you notice any of the above-mentioned signs with your garage door, do not make assumptions or ignore them. Call in professional garage door experts to thoroughly inspect every component. If you decide a new garage door installation is the way to go, do so as soon as your time and budget can allow in order to prevent any potential accidents and injuries.

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