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Corporate team outings are not just an excuse for having fun — they serve a more significant purpose to the team and company.

Here are 5 reasons why team outings are essential for a better work environment:

Expose hidden talents

Team outings are opportunities for employees to take part in out-of-the-box; fun activities that will help the group grow in areas such as communication and collaboration. It’s also an opportunity for the team captain to learn and understand more about their employees and help them uncover new talents. Who knew that your lead salesman was a whiz with riddles or that your accountant could whip up a fancy meal?

Activities that challenge your employees to try to experience new things and embrace hidden talents are an opportunity for you as a team head to use your employees‘ skills inside the office. You may choose someone new for an assignment because of how they saved the team during a scavenger hunt or will encourage your team to be part of a unique project because of what they accomplished creatively during an art class. After a corporate outing, you’ll be positively surprised at how differently you’ll think about your all-star panel when you get back to the grind.

Motivate employees to work towards a common goal

Motivating your employees might be a challenge, especially if they are working on an assignment that the entire team isn’t thrilled about. Try motivating your team with a fresh and new setting and an exciting goal to accomplish. Team outing ideas like scavenger hunts, murder mystery games, and escape rooms give your employees an opportunity to work cohesively to achieve a shared goal that has nothing to do with work.

Whether it’s becoming a group of detectives to uncover the murderer or escaping the room in record time, you’ll be surprised at how motivated the team can get when achieving a fun goal. You and your team will obtain a diverse perspective during activities like these that you can incorporate in the office. Challenge your colleagues to think differently as they did during the escape room activity and make achieving in-office goals just as fun as during corporate outings.

Give employees a fun, mental-health break

Work-related stress on a daily basis can have the team feeling worn down and as a team captain; you have to find ways to give the team mental-health breaks. A mental-health break is absolutely crucial and helps the entire team. When a colleague is feeling low, the entire group can sense it. A well-oiled machine works at 100% only when everyone is feeling 100%. Find time for your team to get out of their cubicles and let loose.

Activities like trampoline dodge ball, laser tag, or even just walking are great ways for employees to break out of the routine of the office. It allows them to channel their energy into something else. After an exciting game of laser tag, you’ll be amazed to see how refreshed and relaxed your team will be. Team outings to offbeat jungle resort Kabini such as Discovery Village also help in clearing the mind. A short mental-health breather can do wonders when it comes to the productivity of the team inside the office.

Increase productivity inside the office

Every team struggles with productivity efficiency. Whether it’s the holidays, external stress or in-office “water-cooler” gossip, there are various obstacles standing in the way of team productivity. A corporate outing is a brilliant way for team captains and colleagues to be together outside the office and hone their skills that will benefit the team inside the office.

Team development sessions are a great opportunity for a professional to understand your group’s ability to communicate, collaborate and achieve a goal. After you complete fun and engaging tasks, you will get constructive criticism and feedback that you can work on.

Create an environment for team bonding

Teams are only as strong as their captains and as ahead, it can be easy to forget the vitality of team bonding. A strong team is more energetic and eager to work. Taking the time for corporate bonding is just as important as satisfying clients. Corporate outings are a great way for team captains and colleagues to connect and understand more about each other.

Corporate outing activities like scavenger hunts and cooking challenges are a way to combat issues within the team and bring everybody to work towards a shared goal. After completing these activities, the members will better understand each other’s interests, strengths, and weaknesses. Bringing the team together to spend quality time with each other is one of the most successful methods to better connect with the group and for them to connect with you.

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