Some people may be wary of joining sororities, thinking of them as little more than glorified cliques. But it’s surprising to learn that sororities have quite a few advantages for your college career and your own personality. Not sure about joining a sorority? Let’s explore some reasons that may help you make a decision.

  • Sense Of Belonging

Whether it’s planning parties or picking out sorority dresses by Azazie, sorority sisters develop a bond that could last for a lifetime. A college is a place that provides a sense of unity if you join the right group, such as a sports team. Joining a sorority could be the perfect way to belong to a social circle you’re comfortable in. When you’re part of such a closely-knit group, studying in a college could be a lot less lonely. Besides, joining a sorority helps you explore your identity. That way, you’re naturally able to feel as if you can achieve what interests you even when you’re far away from home. Plus, this helps you groom your personality in a better way as compared to embarking on a solo college career.

  • Social Activities

When you’re part of a sorority, there’ll be no dearth of activities for you on campus. There will be an invitation to every event that holds significance for your career. Besides, you’d never be at a loss for companionship when you feel like exploring the nearby places. Sororities also have their fair share of special activities. This includes a slew of people to meet almost every week. “Greek Week” is an especially fun social activity that can make you familiar with all the important people on and off campus.


  • Support For Academics

There’s a huge scope for academic progress when you’re in a sorority. This may seem surprising if you’re only familiar with such groups through media portrayals. The academic support in such organizations is always available whenever their members wish to make use of it. The performance of each sister is a reflection of the sorority, so it’s not all fun and games, no matter what the movies try to tell you! The Vice President of Academics (VPA) in almost all sororities keeps a close eye on all the grades of each sorority member. Any sign of slipping is sought out and help is offered to get that sister’s grades back on track. You’ll also notice that there’s an excellent environment for studying and achieving academic goals within a sorority house.

  • Enhancing Networks

No matter how you shine academically, a sorority will always give you a leg up in just the right places. There will always be sorority sisters of people who are familiar with their network in almost any place you apply after graduation. If you ever need help in your career, the same network may help you through your rough patches as well. Even if you’ve never met a sorority sister before, just having that connection could open a whole lot of doors, connections, and friendships for you in your future endeavors.

  • Flying High

Once you’re part of a sorority, you, automatically feel the need to contribute more to society. There’s also a certain amount of pressure to succeed and make your sisters proud. It’s not just about enjoying the company while partaking of a candy buffet, but also what happens after some strong connections have been formed. This sort of pressure will not weigh you down but will lift you up by giving you standards to maintain. Others will have higher expectations of you, but that’s only to be expected. The same high standards do apply to your social conduct, community roles, and professional career. In short, joining a sorority will help you realize and achieve your full potential.

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