Vaping has become very popular in the last few years because it provides a safer and healthier alternative to smoking. Unlike smoking, studies show that vaping has fewer chemicals byproducts than cigarettes. Many people have already stopped smoking with the help of vapes. Vaping is an excellent alternative to nicotine patches and pills since it curbs your dependency on nicotine and your urge to smoking. 

If you are looking to get into vaping, here are five necessary steps to get you started:

Research your state’s vaping laws. Before you get into vaping, it is essential to do your research on your specific area’s vaping laws. Find out the legal age, if vaping is allowed in public areas, is the sale of vape products permitted, and other vital questions. It is better to be prepared so that you know what is allowed and what is not. Do not attempt to vape illegally.

Choose your vaping device. There are so many kinds of vapes and parts that can be confusing. Before you start vaping, do the right amount of research on what equipment you are going to use. There are regulated mods, mechanical mods, rebuildable tank atomizers, rebuildable drip atomizers, vape pods, tube mods, and more. Do your research on the pros and cons of each of these and choose what is best for you and the experience you want to get from vaping.

Choose your vape juice. Vape juice is another vital part of vaping. There are also multiple juice brands, each with many different flavors. Choose a well-known brand so that you know it is of good quality. Naked 100 vape juice is a great and reliable brand that you can try as a beginner. Brands like naked 100 vape juice also have multiple flavors, VG/PG composition, and nicotine levels to choose from. You can do your research on how to choose the best vape juice.

Buy accessories compatible with your device. Once you have gotten a vape and an atomizer, you will need to get yourself other accessories for it. Make sure that what you get is compatible with your device. Batteries are another main component of a vape, and not all cells can be used on a vape. Find out what are the best size, kind, and brand and invest in that. Cotton and coil are also necessary to start vaping, the kind of loop coil would depend on the vaping experience you are trying to achieve.

Learn to build your own device. While this step is not mandatory for everyone, it is good to know how to make your device yourself. The cotton and coil of a vape need to be periodically replaced. Building your own equipment will save you a ton of money and is advantageous because you can control the parameters yourself.


Vaping can be a fun and rewarding hobby, especially if you are transitioning from traditional smoking. There are many more things you need to know as you go along, but these 5 steps mentioned above are enough to get you started. 

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