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Smartphones are in 6 out of 10 people’s pockets worldwide. Looking at first world countries, that number is significantly higher.

As mobile usage continues to rise, we’re seeing more companies target mobile devices specifically when advertising. With that shift in advertising priority, we’re also beginning to notice a lot of missteps, particularly within shipping companies.

If your shipping operation is considering a mobile-first advertising campaign, keep reading to learn about common mistakes in mobile advertising that can wreak havoc on your ROI.

  1. Not Testing Ads

No matter which angle you approach mobile-first advertising from, ensure you thoroughly test your ads before investing too much in them. You may find that an ad provider you’re working with isn’t delivering on the sleek advertising experience they’ve promised.

Testing also gives your team the chance to ensure artwork used in ads scales correctly and that your marketing copy is free from typos.

  1. Avoiding Sticky Ads

As people swipe through web pages and apps, they’re going to blow by your stagnant advertisements. That’s why sticky ads are so valuable.

Sticks ads are advertisements that stay fixed to the top or bottom of a user’s screen. Not every ad seller offers this type of placement but those that do are well worth considering a partnership with.

  1. Lack of Appreciation of Options

There are several mediums in which mobile-first ads can be delivered. Your team could invest in an SMS campaign, a Bluetooth campaign, you could buy ads on popular mobile applications like Facebook, Instagram, and more.

The important thing is to take the time to learn about all of the avenues that are available to your shipping company so you can pour money into the right one.

  1. Forgetting to Partner With Mobile-Friendly Payment Providers

If your mobile ads are seeking an immediate purchase from recipients, take a moment to test the payment provider customers get sent to at checkout. It may be that while your ads are mobile-friendly, the payment processor you’re partnered with is not which can kill your conversions.

The good news is that just about every mainstream payment processor is streamlined for mobile.

  1. Failing to Know the Intimate Nature of SMS

When going down the pathway of SMS marketing, appreciate that texting customers is a high-risk, high-reward gambit.

On the plus side, your customers are almost 100% likely to see your advertisement when sent over SMS. On the negative side, if your ad doesn’t resonate with them, they’re going to be much less forgiving.

That’s why, whether you’re this expedited freight company, a packing company, or any other type of logistics service, if you remember one mistake in mobile advertising takeaway, let it be this; never SMS low-value offers to customers. Your SMS ads need to be your best deals so you can stay in the recipient’s good graces.

Mistakes in Mobile Advertising Go Beyond What We’ve Mentioned

As you may imagine, mistakes in mobile advertising go beyond just five items. Always stay mindful of the experience your digital advertising strategy is creating to give your campaigns the best chance of avoiding slip-ups that are on and off of this list.

If you need more information on advertising, shipping, or anything else, explore additional content on our blog.

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