Removal of body hair is one of the most critical concerns for women and the concern gets bigger when it comes to facial hair. Facial hair includes the extra hair on cheeks, chin, upper lip, forehead and eyebrows. Women need to look for a technique that gives ultra-smooth results and is painless. At the same time, it should be lasting and should not yield rough hair growth subsequently. All in all, the choice of technique becomes tougher for women when they have to do it for facial hair removal. Let’s check out the various options in facial hair removal techniques for women:

  1. Threading

One of the most widely used method that women use for getting rid of extra facial hair is threading. In this method, extra hair in the areas such as eyebrows, upper lip and chin are pulled off from the follicle using a thread. Since it does not involve the use of chemicals, it is absolutely safe for the skin. The results are lasting and hair does not grow back for at least a few weeks. However, it is painful and can cause redness of the skin.

  1. Tweezing

Tweezing is another safe and effective facial hair removal technique for women. It involves the use of tweezers to pull out hair from the root. The method is inexpensive and convenient as it can be done at home without professional help. Tweezing works wonders for shaping the eyebrows and cleaning the area above the lip. It does not bring back the hair growth for 3-8 weeks and is relatively pain-free.

  1. Waxing

Facial waxing is used by a large number of women because they still trust the good, old way that has been used for ages. You just need to apply some wax on the face and pull off the hair growth with a strip of cloth or plastic to get ultra-smooth skin for weeks. This method is apt for larger areas such as cheeks, chin and forehead. On the downside, it can be quite painful and you need to be careful with the wax temperature.

  1. Epilators

Epilators are electric tweezers that are used to pluck out facial hair. The best epilator for girls not only serve the purpose of removing hair from arms and legs but have special attachments for facial hair removal. The hair is effectively removed for longer periods and comes back softer and finer with this technique. Moreover, you can use the method at home.

  1. Hair removal creams


Another method used for female facial hair removal is the use of hair removal creams. A fast, painless and convenient technique, it involves the application of a depilatory cream over the hairy areas for some time and then cleaning it off along with the removed hair. Since it involves the use of a chemical formulation, it may not be suitable for all skin types.

Facial hair removal requires a little extra attention because face is a delicate area that needs to be treated well. Check the pros and cons of each of these techniques and then decide which technique would be right for you.


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