Motorcycles have been around for more than 100 years. The speed and technology of motorcycles went on increasing over the last century and today there are many different types of motorcycles that are used for a variety of different reasons. Motorcycles are used for transportation purposes, racing, road trips, riding bikes in groups like motorcycle clubs and they are also used in adventure sports like mountain biking.

While riding a bike it is important to wear a helmet. Different types of bikes require different helmets. The following are some of the types of motorcycle helmets that are available for use while riding a motorcycle.

Types of Motorcycle Helmets

Full Face Helmet

As the name suggests this type of helmet covers the entire head and entire face of the person wearing this type of helmet. Usually, this type of helmet comes with a visor. The visor is a glasslike shield that can be opened and closed and protects the front portion of the face. This type of helmet is one of the safest types of helmets available in the market though it can be a little bulky and heavy and difficult to use as compared to other types of helmets.

Motocross Helmet

Motocross helmet is a version of the full face helmet used in “off the road” and motocross races. There are specialized features in these types of helmets like large visors, elongated chins, and riders can also wear large goggles along with these helmets.

Open Face Helmet

Open face helmets covers the entire head, ears and some parts of the face. As the name suggests open faced helmets keep the entire front of the face open. These types of helmets are often used for motorcycles with lower horsepower like mopeds and transport bikes. These types of helmets also have a visor and strap with a clutch to secure the visor in place. This type of helmet is also called the three-quarters helmet as it covers the head and sides of the face but keeps some parts of the face open.

Sometimes there is another variation of this type of helmet called the half shell helmet. This type of helmet covers only the top of the head. This type of helmet was common in the olden times but not anymore. Also, such helmets are used more for bicycles now rather than motorcycles.

Modular Helmet

A modular helmet is a hybrid between a full faced helmet and an open faced helmet. This means that the helmet can be converted into a full face helmet and its lower portion can be flipped up to make it into an open faced helmet. This type of helmet is used by motorcycle drivers who drive on city roads. This helmet can be opened and converted into a half face helmet at traffic stops and when the rider is not driving. Smokers also prefer this type of helmet because they do not need to remove the helmet for smoking. They can simply flip it open and smoke.

Types of Helmet – Size-Wise

As mentioned above, helmets come in various shapes and types. Helmets are available for kids, men, and women. Helmets come in all sizes so that most people find it comfortable and easy to wear. Generally, the helmets come in small, medium and large sizes and sometimes some brands also have extra large size helmets for all ages and genders. Children also need helmets if they are riding as passengers on motorcycles as the passenger also needs to wear a helmet.

Helmets are generally available in solid colors, usually dark colors. However many people like to buy helmets that have various types of designs on it that look cool. Men generally like macho designs whereas women and children tend to wear attractive helmets with much more subtle, feminine and softer designs and colors.


There are different types of motorcycle helmets available in the market. It is very important to buy the right kind of helmet for the right purpose with the right kind of motorcycle. It is very important to do research before buying the right type of strong helmet. It is also necessary to wear the helmet and see if it is comfortable and meets the safety standards before buying a helmet.

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