We may occur to medical malpractice anytime in our life. It is sometimes become difficult and almost impossible to understand the basic difference between malpractice and not a medical misconduct. Therefore it is very much important to understand the concept.

Understanding of medical malpractice is also very important in the sense that it can save us from any damage, disease or poor behavior. It can also save us from any harmful injury. If we may occur any type of medical malpractice in our life we should consult Clevelend medical malpractice lawyers for better guidance and legal services.

There are many types of medical malpractice but five most important types are as follows:

Delayed Diagnosis

One of the most common but very important type of medical malpractice is delayed diagnosis. You are suffering from any sort of disease and you checked it at reasonable point of time but the medical staff failed to diagnose the reason. Later on they recognized the disease. It will be known as medical malpractice and it may cause you severe damages regarding health. You can also called it a type of misdiagnosis. In misdiagnosis medical staff also fails to identify the real issue.

Birth Injury

Birth injury is something that is very common example of malpractice. The injury may cause to mother, child or both at the same time. It may happen that during a cesarean or C-section delivery, you may cause a damage to the mother or baby. Just because of your negligence both can occur some harmful disease or even death.

Treatment Failure

It may happen that doctor has grasped the real medical issue in you and he diagnosed the disease at a very right time but he fails to recommend the right and adequate treatment for the disease. Late treatment can also cause the severe attack of the disease or even it can cause any permanent or temporary disability to the patient.

Errors of Surgery

Surgery is a very sensitive way of curing any disease. It always requires patience, great knowledge of all the technicalities and understanding of surgical procedure. Failure to any of the step can cause severe damage to the patient and to medical staff as well. Errors of surgery can include:

  • Doing surgery with wrong procedure
  • Doing surgery that is not required
  • While doing surgery you damaged any organ or tissue of the patient
  • You use instrument for surgery that are not properly synthesized or cleaned
  • Forget any surgical instrument within the body of the patient
  • Fail to provide better care after surgery

Surgical errors are not really common errors but it can have severely damage to the life of patient.

Poorly Designed of an Instrument

Sometimes it may happen that you are using any sort of surgical instrument that is produced without proper check and have poor results. This poorly designed procedure can have severe damages to the skin or organ of the patient. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use instruments that are designed by keeping in mind the safety of the customer.

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