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When it comes time to buy or sell a home, there are a lot of obstacles to get past. As a seller, you have to make sure your home is in pristine condition to attract potential buyers. It needs to be move-in-ready and aesthetically pleasing.

When you get an offer, the house is inspected and appraised. The outcome of the inspection and appraisal can drastically alter the direction of negotiations with the buyer. This can complicate and prolong the selling process.

Don’t let that happen. Keep reading for our top tips for home appraisal to avoid situations like these and streamline the sale of your house.

  1. Make Sure Your Home Is Clean and Clutter-Free

First, though the cleanliness of your home shouldn’t affect the home appraisal value, first impressions are powerful. Spend some serious time cleaning your house before the home appraiser arrives. Your home should be clutter-free, spotless, and free from any unpleasant odors.

Appraisers are human beings like anyone else and can make unconscious decisions based on experiences. Dirty, unkempt homes are not often well maintained. If your house is particularly messy, he or she may assume other things aren’t taken care of.

  1. Don’t Try to Hide Anything

Many home sellers are tempted into trying to hide negative aspects of their house. One of the most important tips for home appraisal is to be completely upfront and honest about your home.

If the appraiser misses something that could devalue your house, odds are the inspector will find it. This will result in the buyer wanting a lower price or demanding you fix the issue. They’ll also start to lose trust in your credibility.

  1. Make Minor Repairs

Damages to a house can significantly decrease home value. However, when appraisers note something in disrepair, they also take into account the cost of hiring a contractor to fix the issues.

Instead, get ahead of the game and take care of minor repairs yourself. Don’t do anything that could be dangerous or requires a specialist. However, you can:

  • Fix holes in drywall
  • Repaint interior and exterior walls
  • Reseal doors and windows
  • Replace broken fixtures
  • Replace damaged or stained carpet
  • And more

Though this will cost you upfront, it’s one of the most important tips for home appraisal to improve your home’s value. However, if the inspection comes back and you have major home issues you can’t afford to repair, it may be worthwhile to look into a cash for houses company.

  1. Make Home Improvements

While you’ve got your toolkit out, it may be a good idea to make small home improvements. Pay attention to easy improvements that result in higher home values. For example, spend a lot of time sprucing up your curb appeal.

You can also upgrade the hardware around the house like doorknobs, drawer pulls, cabinet handles, light fixtures, etc.

  1. Do Your Homework to Establish a Fair Asking Price

Finally, one of the best ways to ensure an easy home appraisal process is by knowing the market before you establish an asking price. Find out what homes in your neighborhood have recently appraised or sold for. Then, compare and contrast your home to identify its value.

You can always bump the asking price up a few thousand dollars more than you think. The worst thing that will happen is the appraiser will come back with a lower value.

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