There are 1.40 million hectares of forests in the UK. It includes some of the most picturesque ones in Europe, like the Grizedale Forest in Cumbria, the Epping Forest in Essex, and the Kielder Forest in Northumberland. These areas are run by the country’s Forestry Commission.

To preserve these woodlands and forests, plenty of environmentalists and concerned citizens began to use products and services that will not hurt the environment. It starts with their personal items like their toiletries and other home essentials. They also choose to reduce their waste products by purchasing and using items like eco-friendly coffee cups in the UK. However, some people have no idea why they need to switch to these products to maintain nature’s beauty. They are not aware that recyclable coffee cups help keep the forests green and lush for years to come.

To remind you why you must invest in eco-friendly coffee cups, here are some of the reasons why this small move can help preserve the environment.

1: Decreases Waste

The main reason why you must avoid using disposable coffee cups is to conserve the environment. Recent reports revealed that in Britain alone, 2.5 billion coffee cups end in landfills in the country every year. While consumers believe that cardboard cups are sustainable, the same report revealed that only 1 in about 400 cups are recycled. These disposable cups use a plastic lining to make them waterproof, making them very difficult to process recycling. So it would be better if you choose reusable eco-friendly coffee cups in the UK for all your coffee breaks.

2: Keeps Coffee Warm Longer 

Because of your hectic schedule, you might find yourself holding on to your coffee longer than intended before you consume it. The hot beverage may become lukewarm once you find the time to enjoy your coffee. So it would help if you put your coffee in reusable insulated cups to keep them warm for a long time.

3: Maintains Coffee’s Best Flavor

Disposable cups may add a weird, unsatisfying taste of plastic to your coffee because of its plastic content. Some lids are also made with toxic BPA plastic, which can contaminate your drink and end in your body. These dangers will be eliminated if you use ceramic or stainless steel reusable coffee cups for your usual cup of brew.

4: Makes Coffee Drinking More Fashionable

Nowadays, the reusable coffee cups in the market come in stylish designs that are pleasant to the eyes. Some of these come in chic aesthetics. You may invest in several cups and match them with your outfit for the day to serve as a functional fashion piece.

5: Helps You Save Money 

Aside from saving trees, if you are to buy eco-friendly coffee cups in the UK, they can also help you save money. Major coffee chains and even the boutique, charming cafes on the high street charge a lot for a single order. But most of them will give you a discount if you bring your own cup. You may also brew a drink of your own at home and take it with you using the reusable cup. It will definitely save you a lot from your coffee budget.

Using eco-friendly coffee cups come with plenty of perks that are good for you and the environment. So always make it a habit to take your reusable coffee cups anywhere you go.


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