Italy is a land of rich history and culture, with many of its cities holding a significant place in the world history. One of such cities is Catania, which is the second largest city on the island of Sicily. Founded as a Greek colony in the ancient era, the city has today become an economic hub as well as a tourist attraction. It offers a glorious mix of art, culture, history and natural wonders. Let us see the 5 best things that you can see and explore in Catania.

Basilica Cattedrale Sant’Agata

The Cathedral of Catania is the magnificent structure that dominates the centre of the old town stands proudly as an epitome of Norman and Baroque architecture. It dates back to 1078 when it was first built over the ruins of Roman Baths. However, it has been restored time and again after being damaged by earthquakes. The front is an impressive structure made in grey stone decorated with ornate statues while the interior is as beautiful, decorated with artwork and paintings. The cathedral houses the tomb of the famous composer Bellini.

Mount Etna

One thing that you would definitely be excited about right from the time you take your  transfer from Catania airport is Mount Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe that stands tall at 3329 m. You can take a day trip to the volcano and get a spectacular view of Sicily from the top. This is perhaps the biggest tourist attraction of Sicily and there are many tour operators that offer packages for a trip to Mount Etna.

Ursino Castle

Another tourist spot in Catania that you cannot afford to miss is the Ursino Castle, a relic from the 13th century. It was built by Emperor Frederick II as a part of the Kingdom of Italy. Despite its age, the castle still stands in an excellent condition with all of the four towers as well as the walls undamaged. You can check out the Museo Civico that is housed within the castle and take some photographs in the grounds.

Piazza Del Duomo

Piazza Del Duomo is the main square in the city, which is the biggest attraction for the locals and tourists alike. It houses the impressive architectural structures such as the Catania Cathedral, the Fontana Dell Amenano, the Fontana Dell’Elefante and the Palazzo degli Elefanti. Also, there are a number of cafes and restaurants with outdoor seating where you can enjoy a bite and the amazing Sicilian weather.

Teatro Romano

Sicily is famous for its Roman theaters and the Teatro Romano in Catania is one of these. Located between the Catania Cathedral and Benedictine Monastery, the theatre dates back to the 2nd century BC. Most amazingly, the seats of the theatre are crafted using lava from Mount Etna and the structure still stands in a wonderful condition.

When it comes to tourist attractions, Catania has a wealth to offer for people with varied interests. Explore these fantastic destinations here to have a complete experience of the city.

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