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Today, the variety of wireless dog fences is overwhelming. Havahart is for many the best wireless dog fence of the moment. It is the market leader because of the amount of qualities attached to it. Instead of spending money on a physical fence, consider getting a wireless dog fence system and you will see the difference.

This wireless system basically consists of three parts which are the transmitter, the wireless dog fence collar and a ground wire. The last element must be buried into the ground to mark the boundary line. More recent wireless dog fences don’t require you to bury it because they are equipped with a radio transmission or Wi-Fi added to other features like heat and motion detection which helps keep the dog face in the perimeter. With in-ground wire dog fences, it is possible to expand the radio and the room to move.

Read on to find out about the advantages of getting a wireless dog fence.

  1. Portability

Portability is the first reason to get a wireless dog fence. You can carry this system anywhere you desire. This is beneficial especially if you are the kind of person who likes taking your dogs everywhere you go. For example, you can take with you to control your dog’s boundaries in a picnic site.

  1. Easy to install

Another reason why people choose this system is the ease of installation. This wireless fence can actually get set within your compound or anywhere you want to. Unlike ordinary fences whose installation takes time, you can install this gadget in minutes. Plus, you don’t need an expert to help you set it. You can do it after reading the manual very carefully.

  1. Enjoy surrounding landscape views

One of the drawbacks of a physical fence is that it can’t provide you a view of the landscape. Instead, when using a wireless fence, you get no obstruction of the landscape view. This means you can enclose your dog without obstructing the landscape view at the same time.

  1. Requires less upkeep

Another benefit of this useful wireless system t keep dogs at bay is that you incur less maintenance cost. You don’t need to give it maintenance like you would do with a physical fence. Physical fences require regular painting or they get ugly. If you don’t want to fall into this routine, choose this wireless system to avoid wasting on maintenance.

  1. Cost friendly

Finally, cost is another benefit you obtain from this fence. Compared to the traditional fencing options, the wireless dog fence is cheaper and offers the protection you are looking for. You won’t have to deal with the cost-quality dilemma.

The typical cost of this amazing device can range from $900 to $1500. Bear in mind that it is important to pick the right dog fence allowing for the pet’s size. The larger your dog is, the pricier this gadget can be.

With these benefits, there’s no doubt that you will be better off using a wireless dog fence than a traditional one, for sure.

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