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Assiduous, Dedicated, and beautiful are the best words to describe a Vietnamese woman. Most men across the globe love the alluring personality of Vietnamese women. Moreover, they are well known for being faithful to their husband after marriage.

Along with good cooking skills, there are some physical traits of Vietnamese women that make them adorable. Here is the list of 5 beautiful Physical Traits you must know about Vietnamese Women.

  1. Captivating Skinny Body Figure  

The main physical trait of hot Vietnamese girls is a perfect skinny body figure. Vietnamese women have a slim body, which makes them seductive. The healthy eating habits of Vietnamese people help girls attain this alluring ideal body figure. Furthermore, keep in mind that Vietnamese girls don’t like them being called ‘sexy.’ Besides, they prefer them to be praised as beautiful or pretty because calling them sexy means calling them depraved in Vietnam. Vietnamese women are too much considered about their figure and they try their best to maintain it throughout their life. This is one of the main reasons you won’t find any over-weight women in Vietnam.

  1. Hairstyle and Hair color 

Vietnamese girls have very managed hairstyles. Moreover, these hairstyles are copied by many girls across the globe. Vietnamese girls are born with black colored hair. The most common hairstyle of Vietnamese women is the straight layered hairstyle. You’ll find most of the girls in Vietnam with this hairstyle. Vietnamese girl hair is considered the best hair in Asia because of its length and strength. Some other hairstyles used by Vietnamese women are loose low ponytail, cool short bobs, and loose weaves with twisted sides.

  1. Perfect Face Shape 

Ever wondered the reason for the cute faces of Vietnamese women? Apart from beautiful eyes, the perfect jaw lined shape of Vietnamese women’s face is the main reason for their cuteness. Vietnamese women are well known for their sense of beauty. They know well how to manage their facial and body looks. This helps them to add an extra layer of cuteness to their looks. With a perfect body shape and cute face, Vietnamese women never fail to make men fall in love with them.

  1. Enticing Skin Color 

Vietnamese women shine well with their beautiful fair skin. To be more precise, Vietnamese women have yellowish skin, which makes them look cute and adorable. Moreover, this skin color matches perfectly with most of the dress colors. The skin color along with face shape and body figure makes Vietnamese women a perfect embodiment.

  1. Beauty with Strength

The skinny body of Vietnamese women doesn’t make them weak. Moreover, Vietnamese women are highly active in doing household and commercial works. Recently they have gained equal rights as the men of Vietnam. This quality made them show their strength, and now Vietnamese women even excel men in daily works. Apart from being beautiful, they are equally as strong as men. Eventually, they no longer rely on men for money and food.

Last Words

Note that these traits are based on most of the women of Vietnam. We respect every physical trait, be it skin color or body shape. These are the most common physical traits of Vietnamese Women that are loved by people across the globe. There are several other traits of Vietnamese women such as their cooking skills and their polite nature. And these quality traits make them appealing among men of all countries.

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