6 Best DIY Valentine Gift Ideas for Him

If you’re planning to finally propose your crush this Valentine’s day, months after Instagram chatting and romantic dates, then go ahead with it. Planning Valentine’s date outside in a lavish restaurant can be expensive or if you’re thinking of a Tom Cruise proposal then my dear it’s gonna cause a hole in your pocket. Expressing your feelings to your love should be something special and an experience of a lifetime. But don’t be too harsh on your bank account and think wisely. Planning a good date should be inclusive of you, your partner, mutual feelings and a special prop to finally get your dream girl this Valentine’s day. Expensive things can never buy true love. We are here to give you some really amazing affordable hacks to say I love you to your partner this Valentine’s day, which is not only unique and special but is also extremely pocket-friendly.

Let’s have a look at 5 pocket friendly Valentine’s Day ideas to propose your crush:

Plan a date at home: The best hack is to invite your girl to your place for a romantic valentine’s day celebration together. Nothing can be a great way to propose your girl at the warmth of your house. Decorate the entire house with flowers, led fairy lights, scented candles, pictures followed by Valentine’s special candlelight dinner at night. For dinner, if you know how to cook, you can prepare some of her favourite dishes or order them from her favourite restaurant. While serving the wine, you can put the ring inside the wine glass and propose to her in a filmy style. She’ll definitely love the experience of getting a ring in the wine glass, and we bet it’s surely gonna be a yes!

Proposal cake: If you are too shy to say things out loud on her face or confess your feelings directly to her, then a cake can be your saviour. Order a special Valentines day cake online and customise it with a proposal line. You can order a heart-shaped red velvet cake with a message on the top saying- “I love you, will you be my girlfriend?” or some other romantic proposal line you want to tell her. You can also hide the ring box inside the cake. Cover the cake from the top and reveal the cake at the right moment after the perfect dinner scenes. She’ll be amazed after seeing such a cute proposal cake.

Take her out on a Movie Date: During Valentine’s day time, you might see a lot of lovey-dovey romantic movies running in theatres near you. You can take her out on a movie date and plan to propose to her over there. But You have to browse a lot with which movie has the perfect scene or song when you can finally ask her out. Look out for a romantic song or a hero proposing the actress sequel. While it’s showing on the big screen, you can propose to her at the same time while sitting on your knees, and giving a ring to her. Honestly, she would have never thought of something like this before, and the audience is going to cheer it up!

Park proposal- Take her out on a romantic walk this Valentine’s day and make all the preparations beforehand! You can make a big heart in the park full of roses with a proposal message in between asking her out. While walking hand in hand, talk to her, distract her and then finally take her to the same spots where you have staged the proposal. You can take the help of a friend or a neighbour so that the whole experience goes smoothly. We are safe to say that she would have never expected something like this before.

Gym proposal: Ever heard of someone proposing in a gym or in their sweaty pants? Well, that’s quite new and unique in the list. Don’t plan anything out of the box but if you want to keep things simple and the way it is, then proposing to her at the same spot where you both work out together is a potential option. After all, couples who workout together, stay together. But you have to get up a little early on the D’day; you can go to the gym before her time, set up all the people and your trainers and plan the proposal accordingly. When she enters, you can just turn off all the lights and make it a blackout and then all the spotlights on you both and boom! Surprise. You can propose to her on your knees with all the decorations done on the gym walls and rose petals on the equipment. She could have never thought of such a proposal while leaving home.

So these were the 5 top ideas with which you can propose your girl and that too on a budget!

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