What are you planning for the New Year this year?

I bet nothing as fun or happening as Las Vegas! The exciting notion, isn’t it? Who doesn’t want to go and visit the exciting adventures of a Las Vegas night and forget the worries of the world? Everyone does!

But they do say it’s not a kid’s place to be. But I feel differently about the idea.  Las Vegas is not all about casinos or bars or the marvelous hotels (which are pretty exciting, to be honest) but there are ways other than gambling and poking at bars. 

Despite being the desert city, the casinos and everything supposedly rated-R, this city represents one of the perfect New Year’s you can opt for your family.

Stay tuned with us to find out more!

What Happens in Vegas Doesn’t Stay in Vegas Anymore!

The proclamations claim has been renounced now; everyone can know how to spend quality family time in Las Vegas. Parents these days are becoming faster online oriented so using a traveling self-service, like adelmantravel.com/services, is one way to handle things efficiently. So when it’s time to plan a New Year’s vacay here are some of the best places to root for;


  • Start with Michael Jackson New Year’s Show


Who doesn’t love the music and dance moves of King of the Pop? Even after his death, the legacy of a renowned singer’s music and dance go on.

It takes lots of guts and skills to perform a Michael Jackson duet. Cirque Du Soleil is not any regular show. Oh no, not at all! The hip hop infused with modern choreography is enough to let you leave your seats and scream and shout all you want.

For New Year’s Michael Jackson’s showmanship is imitated by professionals; acrobats, dancers and visual artists that present a houseful show to the audience. Kids and adults, both are perfect prospects as the musical audience! Who says they don’t care about us?


  • The mystery or Mystere


Another of a no-miss show is the variety house of Mystere where fantasies seem to come true. In a true acrobatic way, of course, you can visit the show and buy tickets to the perfect seats. So, you can enjoy the highly skilled acrobats flying in the air. 

Although parents are warned, the tickets to the show may vary, but it’s all worth it. After the grand premiere of The Greatest Showman – the musical grabbed a larger audience across the nation, has been a renowned success. If your kids loved that movie, they will come to love the astonishing show of crazy-talented people.

But hey! Don’t try any crazy steps at home! Those who perform all sorts of fancy moves and skills are highly professionals. 


  • The newest attraction of High Roller


What it feels like to enjoy your time at amusement parks? It’s all about candy, toy shooting and popcorn date night right?

But how about getting the perfect unparalleled view at the top in Vegas? Yeah, pretty phenomenal one might say. The Sin City now offers a perfect view to enjoy fireworks at the top of the city view with the High Roller (Ferris wheel) built at The LINQ Hotel. The 28 air-conditioned pods are comfortable, safe and let you explore the bird’s eye view of the city like nothing else.

It’s not your traditional open seat for two of the Ferris wheel. It looks and moves like a Ferris wheel but in popular terms known as Observation Wheel.

It’s a must for any person who wants to enjoy a good view of the fireworks just as the clock strikes midnight.


  • Another Eiffel Tower at another Paris


How about a 360 view of the city of Las Vegas? With 46 stories ascension at the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas. It’s one of the most stunning views of the city you can ever experience. 

People with height phobias or vertigos you are warned! But those with an adrenaline rush go ahead and enjoy the vertical ride on the glass elevator right to the top! You will experience the more than the stunning view of the city’s landmarks any why not admire the view and capture a perfect selfie with your family?

The restaurant situated on the 11th floor is the panoramic view of the city hints at the perfect dinner night with your family on New Year’s Eve. Now doesn’t that sound amazing? 

Nevertheless, the fun goes on…

There’s a lot to do on a New Year, despite the events and places mentioned above, a lot is going on a city of Las Vegas – the city that never sleeps. So, pick up your interests and rock it the way you like it.

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