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If we are going to have a new kitchen, the sink is probably already installed. However, it is also possible that you want to put it on your own. In case you want to do so, we will explain how to install a sink to get you to work.

1. Prepare the installation

Make sure the drainage and water supply preparation is correctly located at the installation site. This should be at the height of 40 to 60 cm from the kitchen floor to the drain outlet on the wall to achieve a proper slope from the waterway.

How to know if this is the correct position? Very easy:

  • Is it in the place where you want to install your sink?
  • Is the installation in a triangle reverse? (the drainage pipe below the water supplies)

If the answer to the first question was no, you should call a plumber in Dallas to fix your sink. On the other hand, if the reverse triangle installation is not found, you have two options:

  • Buy a Flexible Trap that allows you to correct the offset.
  • Call the Plumber to change the drainpipe and align it. 

2. Install the water supply

For this step, you must make sure that the Control Keys are installed. 

In case they are not installed, you can do it in 3 simple steps:

  • Check that the threads of the water pipes are clean.
  • Place sealing tape on the thread. 
  • Install the control key. 

If your preparation only has a copper or CPVC tube, you can purchase the compression control wrenches, which will allow you to install without the need for adapters. 

3. Install the Counter Baskets

Whether you are installing a sink with one or two decks, the steps to install the Counter Basket are as follows:

  • Make sure the surface of the sink is clean.
  • Place the body of the Counter Basket and the expanded polyethylene gaskets at the top of the sink. You can use one or both packages, depending on the installation conditions.
  • On the bottom, place the rubber ring and cardboard packaging.
  • Screw and tighten the locknut with the appropriate tool.

4. Install the trap or sink outlet

Once you have chosen the model of Trap or Exit for Sink that you wish to install, do not forget that in the pipe in your wall drain, you must place a Universal Pacifier to make the installation of your trap keep the seal and not leak.


Once everything has been installed, let the water run to check that your installation is not leaking. In this case, cover the drain and wait for the water to reach the middle of the tap. When it reaches the middle, uncover the drain and check that no connection is leaking.

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