Everyone has an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend that they feel they let get away. Sometimes, the past is best left in the past, but we can learn from our mistakes. However, if you had the chance to get your ex back into your life, how would you do it?

Here are four tips for getting back together with the one that got away.

Why do You Want the Ex Back?

Before rushing into trying to get back with an ex, ask yourself if it is what you truly want. Sometimes loneliness will make us want someone, anyone, back into our lives. Being alone can be difficult when it seems like the rest of the world is in love.

If you truly miss your ex and think that you can help renew the relationship, then formulate a plan to win an ex back. It might take some time if it was a bad break-up. However, if it was amicable, then he may be willing to talk about getting back together with you.

Make Him Miss You

If your goal is to get back with your ex, then he needs to realize he misses you in his life. If you’re always texting, calling, or trying to reach out to him in some way, then that may annoy him, and he could start avoiding you, not missing you.

Give him some space to realize you’re important in his life and that he wants you back. If he reaches out to you, don’t purposely avoid him, but don’t seem overeager by immediately answering all his calls and texts.

Instead, limit communication for about a month, so he starts to miss you.

Stay Strong

Even though you may have been the one to initiate the break-up, don’t let him use that against you and do whatever he pleases. Many men may take advantage of their exes’ eagerness to get back together to try to do whatever they please.

Don’t fall into that trap and respect yourself enough not to let him walk over you. While you may feel like the break-up was your fault, and you need to do whatever you can to fix it, don’t become a doormat to please him.

Establish Ground Rules

Don’t try to pick up from where you left off in the relationship since there is a reason you broke up with the ex. Instead, get together and discuss ground rules for getting back together.

The rules may include avoiding places you went before, so old feelings don’t influence your new relationship. You may need to rebuild trust in the relationship if infidelity was the reason for breaking up or if the break-up badly hurt your ex.

Both of you need to be willing to put in work to make the relationship successful and establishing ground rules can be the first step.

Don’t expect it to be easy to reestablish a relationship with an ex, so be willing to make some sacrifices and work at becoming a couple again. Set fair ground rules and don’t let your ex call all the shots. Instead, remain strong to establish a healthy relationship.




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