Nepal is the home of the world tallest majestic mountain Mt. Everest. The birthplace of Lord Buddha and the country which never colonized and no independence day. This breathtaking country Nepal incorporates various aspects from the Himalayan Mountains, 8 out of 10 highest mountains lies in Nepal. For that reason, trekking in Nepal is the first thing for Nepal’s income from the tourism sector. Deep gorges, towering cliffs, different active cultures, and helpful people – Nepal is the ideal destination for the traveler planning a trip to trek in the Himalayas. Here are the 4 things you must know before visiting Nepal.

  1. Social Etiquette

The first impression will be the last; you‘ll be surprised to see how peoples of Nepal will greet travelers lets say, foreigners. The traditional practice of greeting someone with the word Namaste is still in manner. It involves placing both hands palms together in a prayer style. Furthermore, in Nepal if anyone older than you with the respect you can call him using the word “Dai” for men and for girls you can use the word “Didi”. 

In Nepali culture, it is not allowed to wear skimpy clothes, especially for women. Furthermore, If you got a chance to enter someone’s house in Nepal, don’t forget to remove your shoes before the door. 

  1. Adventure Activities 

Trekking, hiking, Bunjee jumping, Mountain flight, Peak climbing, summit expeditions are the major attraction for adventure lovers to visit Nepal. Some of the best treks in Nepal are Everest base camp, Manaslu circuit, Upper Mustang trek, etc.

The best part of Nepal trekking Himalayas is you can even do some of the best treks like Everest & Annapurna base camps without a trekking guide. It will help you to save you money to spend and enjoy other activities. Furthermore, Whitewater rafting canyoning, rock climbing, mountain biking, paragliding are a few of the numerous exciting options. Local trekking brands like Up To Himalaya can help you to trek in Himalayas.

  1. Dal Bhat Power 24 Hour

You can find all kinds of international cuisine in Nepal, but it would be better to teste local food to experience a lifetime moment. The most famous Nepali food is called Dal Bhat and is made up of rice, lentils, fresh vegetable’s curry, pickle, etc. Dal Bhat, Newari Khaja Set, Chatamari, etc. are some of the favorite foods of Nepal. Dal Bhat is the first food you will eat almost every day if you thought to trek in mountain areas of Nepal.

  1. Mountain Flight

If you can’t climb or don’t have enough time the mountains to see the beauty of Himalayas, you can still observe its wonders and majesty by taking a scenic mountain flight either by helicopter or by regular airplane mountain flight.  All trips depart from Kathmandu early in the morning for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Ride above the clouds, see beautiful snowcapped mountains, and observe the dramatic display of ponds, icebergs, rivers, and gorges below. 


Overall all the countries located in South Asia, Nepal is possibly the most incredible destination you must visit at least once if you are an adventure lover and wanted to spend your next holiday in the Mountains. 

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