For novice swimmers, and if you’re one, you must know that not all your swimming items are worth sharing with anyone – even if it’s with your swimming colleagues. It’s because sharing isn’t always about caring, especially when it comes to personal items.

At some point, sharing personal items may result in colds, flu, skin irritations, infections, and other gross things that are possible to happen. It’s because if not sanitised or cleaned the proper way, the bacteria, germs, and viruses may spread from one person to the other.

So, whether you’re a novice swimmer, a competitive swimmer or recreational swimmer, look no further and start figuring out these swimming essentials you should stop sharing with anyone.  

1. Swimming caps

People who get used to sharing their hats, caps, hairbrushes, combs, clips and other hair stuff with anyone may end up having dandruff and lice problems. Aside from the said risk factors, using or sharing the same pillow and towels may also cause the transmission. 

The same thing may happen if you’re letting your colleagues borrow your swimming caps or your extra one. If your swimming colleagues have dandruff or lice and you still share your swimming caps with them, you’re most likely to contain the same hair condition. 

So, from now on, learn to say “no” when they start borrowing your swimming caps again. Let them know what it might cause you or explain the reasons why you’re already not sharing your swimming caps with them. In that way, they won’t think of you just being selfish to them. 

2. Swimwear

Another swimming essential that seems okay to share with someone, but certainly isn’t, is your swimwear. As you may notice, your swimwear, may it be a one-piece swimwear, two-piece swimsuit or a tankini, mostly covers your private parts. 

Your private parts are body parts where infections usually develop. Herpes, urinary tract infection, and yeast infection are just the various infections you might get from sharing swimwear.

That’s why borrowing a swimwear from someone or sharing your swimwear with your teammate isn’t a good idea. It’s because aside from infections, there might be deep-seated dirt, bacteria, germs, and viruses in the swimwear or bathing suit.  

3. Earplugs

Like how you shouldn’t share your Bluetooth earphones, headphones, or any ear accessories with anyone, as a swimmer, you should also say “no” to the habit of sharing your earplugs.  

Sharing or using the same earplugs with someone may increase the risks of developing bacteria into the ears. Well, so to say, your earplugs might be the grossest swimming essential you could think of sharing with anyone. 

4. Towels

Next on the list, are the towels you often bring with you as you go for a swim. Having one towel on a trip to the beach with the whole family might seem convenient, but sharing towels is still not advisable. 

Towels are a hotbed for infection since they mostly catch a pile of dirt, moisture, skin cells, and even bacteria from the user. That sums up that sharing towels are more like spreading bacteria, germs, and other possible viruses. 

There you have different swimming essentials you should stop sharing from now on. Taking those preventions into action will save you from acquiring bacteria, germs, viruses, and other diseases you might get from sharing personal items with anyone.

If this article sounds helpful and informative, then start enlightening your swimming colleagues by sharing this read with them. 

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