4 Shopify SEO Tips: How Shopify Sites Can Use SEO

In 2019, 1 billion people bought items from Shopify stores.

It’s clear that Shopify is one of the best platforms to sell products and finding the best SEO company to improve your SEO is the key to increasing your audience.

Not sure how to leverage SEO for Shopify? If you’re stuck, here are Shopify SEO tips to help you out!

Why Should You Optimize Your Site?

There are many benefits to optimizing your Shopify site. For example:

  • Improved user experience and engagement
  • Better SEO rankings
  • Organic traffic
  • Revenue

A site that is easy-to-use and quick to load has a better chance of generating more money than one that isn’t.

  1. Optimize Your Shopify Site Structure

One of the most important Shopify tips is to organize your content correctly. When your site is easier to navigate, consumers are more likely to spend more time on your site and view more pages.

Do this by simplifying your page. Don’t go crazy with categories and subcategories because a simple site structure makes it easier for search engines to rank your products.

You should also create an “About” and “Contact” page so search engines know that you’re credible.

  1. Improve Your Ranking With Content Marketing

Not sure how to optimize a Shopify website?

Create original content so it’s easier to persuade customers to buy your products. To brainstorm ideas, list everything shoppers ask you or anything important they’ll want to know.

Consumers don’t always want to be bombarded with Shopify ads, and would rather learn more about your brand.

  1. Image Optimization

No SEO guide is complete without discussing how to harness the power of images. It’s important to compress your pictures to eliminate unnecessary metadata and reduce the number of colors.

You can only use certain file types on Shopify like JPG, PNG, or SVG. The latter uses vector graphics so they’re scalable without losing resolution, perfect for logos or icons.

  1. Build Links to Your Store

Another one of the more crucial SEO tips is using backlinks. These are used by search engines to decide how many people value your site. You can do this by adding:

Supplier/Manufacturer Links

If you sell products from an established company they may have a policy so you can get a link. Email them to see if they’ll link to your store.


People may have already mentioned you in other places without being linked. Use Mention.com to find out if you have and email them so they can link to your site with the mention.

Use Our Shopify SEO Tips

To ensure your site’s success, use these Shopify SEO tips so more shoppers access your site. You can do this by producing blog posts with useful information, optimizing your images, and adding more links to your store.

These methods will improve your SEO rankings and lead to a fantastic ROI.

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