Selling a preowned car can be tricky. Even if you have done it numerous times before, there is always the possibility of making mistakes that will make it more challenging to sell your car or bring the price of your vehicle down. This article discusses critical mistakes many car owners make when opting for sell my car in Melbourne dealers for their used cars. 

Is it expensive to own a car in Melbourne?

It doesn’t matter whether you own a brand-new car or a pre-owned one. You will need to shell out dollars for your vehicle’s annual costs of registration and licensing. These costs vary considerably from city to city. The average cost of licensing for a family in Melbourne with two cars is over $1588 in major cities and over $1400 in regional locations.


  • Know your car’s value


Your vehicle’s brand will impact its price. But you may not know that the trims you have applied to your car can also affect its final selling price. A top model can vary considerably from a basic model. Thus, it is crucial to know your car’s specific model and other vital details to have a clear idea of its value. It is recommended to have your car appraised by an expert. Although you may be shelling out dollars upfront, it pays off big time when it is time to sell. Your sell my car in Melbourne dealers may also provide you a quote. 

Certain brands in Melbourne may command better prices since they have a good reputation in the country. According to data, Melbourne, like the rest of Australia, holds the Toyota brand in high regard. Other respected brands include Mazda and Tesla.


  • Your car’s title


Although it mitigates the hassle of transactions, keeping the title of your car in your name can result in plenty of headaches in the future. For example, if the car figure in an accident, you could be prosecuted instead of the present owner. Also, you may be targeted for penalties for traffic violations that the current owner may commit. It is critical to make a clean break with your car and transfer all rights to the new owner.


  • Do the paperwork


The title of your car is not the only document that you must present when selling your car. You are also required to provide the buyer the original copies of the vehicle’s registration, receipts, date of sale, and many others. It is also recommended that you have your maintenance records ready in case the buyer requires them. You must gather all these documents before setting up your car for sale.


  • Avoid installment payments 


Although it can be a temptation to sell your car via installments, especially when you need cash badly, it is best to limit the sale of your car to those who can pay for its full price. It is risky to accept checks and money orders. Also, if you agree to installments, there is always the possibility the buyer will miss payments, and you will not end up making any money at all.

Cars are critical to the life of Melbourne residents. They are part of the 13.3 million registered vehicle owners in Australia. There is at least one vehicle for every driving age in Australia, which includes Melbourne residents. According to statistics compiled by the Australian Bureau, there are fewer than one in 10 households who don’t have cars.

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