Online advertising is the key element of digital marketing to make your brand’s presence stronger and gain potential leads. Irrespective of your business size whether large scale, medium scale or a small one, online advertising always serves beneficial as it helps you attract the targeted traffic and boosts your business ROI by making more sales. While most of the large scale businesses have plenty of budgets to spend after online advertising, small scale businesses need to compete with them in a limited budget.

Hence to make this easier for the small scale business owners, here the 5 ultimate online advertising channels that are budget friendly and will help have maximum sales leads.

1. Through Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the best way to conduct pay per click advertisements. You need to bid to on the keywords relevant to your business that have the intent to convert prospects into leads. Google helps you select those keywords with Keyword search and with Quality Scores. The keywords having better quality score have higher chances of generating potential leads. Bid on the relevant ones to place the ads in the Google search engine. As soon as viewers click those ads to visit your website, Google charges you for each click generated. Google Ads are always beneficial in generating greater sales leads.

2. Google Display Ads

Display ads by Google are excellent for gaining potential traffic. It analyzes the targeted traffic by browsing behaviors of several viewers and places your ads as per that to the right viewers who in right time ultimately converting them into leads. For-ex- You visit and leave the website without buying anything. You will immediately find a list of ads of similar products from Jabong in all your next browsing platforms be it Youtube, Google web pages or social networking sites. The ads keep on appearing until you click on them and finally make up your mind to purchase something from Jabong. These are called Display ads by Google and are great for small business to generate leads.

3. Bing Ads

Apart from Google, placing ads on Bing is a great way to drive targeted traffic for small business. There are plenty of users across the world who prefer to use Bing as the search engine and also the PPC ads for Bing are more budget-friendly than Google with fewer competitions for keywords. Hence when you bid on the relevant keywords here and place the ads on Bing search engine and its affiliate partners, you actually drive potential traffic at a much lower cost. A productive combination of Bing and Google Adwords will guarantee you highly profitable sales leads.

4. Social Media Ads

For all B2C businesses, Facebook and Instagram are great platforms to place ads. In Facebook, instead of keyword bidding, you need to send ads for auctions. If it wins in the auctions as per Facebook relevance score, you stand a good chance to gain potential leads for the business. In Instagram, you have to pay money to the influencers to create sponsored ads. Small business owners can choose to contact micro influencers for placing ads on Instagram as they have strong influence but charge less. However, if you are in B2B business, go for LinkedIn ads which are either news feed ads, text ads or direct in-mail ads and highly beneficial for all corporate organizations.

5. Selling on Amazon

Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world. It can be a great source of earning like a small business. Here anyone can sell there products or items easily. Amazon USA allows all types of manufacturers to sell on their website. The sellers have to follow some rules and regulation which is made by Amazon authority.

Final Words

With the help of above-mentioned 4 online advertisements, any small business owner like Uber Clone can generate profitable leads for their business is a budget-friendly way.

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