Car manufacturers are now churning out vehicles with some amazing features that weren’t even on the radar a few years ago. These upgrades will turn your next vehicle into a private oasis that you never want to leave. Here is a look at four modern features that you are going to want to have in your new car or truck.

Infotainment Display

Having an infotainment display in the dashboard of your vehicle is going to make your commutes much less tedious. Most modern infotainment displays link directly to your favorite streaming services to listen to podcasts or music playlists. They can also give you updates on the traffic and weather so that you can plan your route accordingly. For instance, Honda Civic has an app that lets you connect smartphones and other smart devices to your car directly, and show all sorts of features and gadgets on the built-in screen. If you wish to know how to install Honda app, then click the link.

Lane Departure Warning System

Studies are now showing us that lane departure warning (LDW) systems have reduced accidents by as much as 18 percent in some locations. These systems trigger an alarm, brake, or straighten the wheels out when a vehicle drifts into a lane without using a turning signal. Some insurance providers even offer discounted premiums to drivers who own vehicles with LDW and blind spot detection systems.

Remote Start

Anyone who lives in a colder climate should consider purchasing a vehicle that comes with a remote start system. Instead of heading out into the frigid weather to warm up your car, you will be able to turn it on from inside your home. In addition to making your car more pleasant to get into, this feature will also warm up the engine and pressurize the oil before you begin driving. Combining a remote start with heated seats is another great way to make your car as comfortable as possible.

4g Connectivity

Very few features are as useful as having a high-speed internet connection while out on the road. Turning your car into a mobile hotspot will allow you to stream music or download traffic information without eating into your data plan. Most dealerships, like Woody Sander Ford, offer at least a few new models that have 4G or 4G LTE connectivity as a stock feature. You can also contact the dealership’s service department to see if they offer aftermarket 4G systems.

These four upgrades are only the tip of the iceberg, and you should spend some time going over all of the technology that can now be found in production cars. With a little bit of patience, you will be able to find the futuristic car of your dreams at a great price.

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