Vision is one of the most important senses we possess as over 80% of our learning is done through our eyes. Having good vision health is important throughout your entire life, as decisions that are made early on can affect quality of life many years later. Keeping your eyes healthy can seem confusing, but there are proven methods that don’t involve anything out of the ordinary.  

Here are 3 ways you can improve and sustain good vision health, at any point in your life:

1. Exercise your Eyes

Your eyes work like any other body part, with 6 small muscles controlling each of the eyes. If these muscles become weak it can affect vision in many ways. Exercising your eye muscles regularly can help the prevention of myopia and hyperopia (nearsighted and farsighted) and astigmatism.

Some exercises you can do are:

Focusing on an object as you bring it closer and further from your eyes. This works on the muscles that help you focus your sight. Rolling your eyes while looking as far to the edge as possible, doing a few circles in each direction, and also just closing your eyes and letting them rest for a couple minutes can relieve the stress. 

2. Set Screen Time Limits

Blue light from smartphones and computers can cause damage to your eyes, especially over extended periods of time. Try to set a limit on a certain number of hours looking at screens on a daily basis. For some it is inevitable as it comes with the job or responsibility, but even then, more than 8 hours a day raises risks for eye disease in the future. 

If you find yourself looking at a screen on a daily basis, which most of us do, try to take many intermittent breaks in between staring at the screen, and look at something far away for at least 20 seconds. This helps by giving your eye muscles a break from the same distance, and forcing them to focus on something farther away. Another little tip is to blink often, as this will keep your eyes lubricated and prevent irritation. 

3. Regular eye exams

It is important to go to your optometrist regularly to get eye exams done and get treatment for any existing issues and prevent eye health-damaging problems in the future.

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