Renovating the bathroom sounds like an exciting project to take on, but one that requires you to be well-informed before you begin the process. DIY bathroom remodeling sounds good if all you want is to enliven your existing bath, but the bigger jobs—such as installing new flooring, changing the plumbing or installing a bathtub—are best left to professionals.

Here are a few tips to prep yourself before you start looking for a bath remodeling company.

Make a list

Make two lists, in fact. One should contain the remodeling jobs that you absolutely cannot do without, such as replacing worn-out or damaged flooring and adding any luxury features that you always wanted in your dream bathroom. Use the second list for items that are not top-priority, such as luxury lighting or fixtures.

Doing your research and groundwork before you contact a remodeling expert will help them get an idea of the look that you want, and they will be able to recommend affordable alternatives to the high-value items on your wish list.

Fix a budget

Remodeling is serious business, so the first thing you should do is to set a budget for your bathroom renovation. Having a budget and sticking to it while you scour the internet for local remodeling companies will make the shortlisting process easier. It will also give your remodeling company a clear indication that their recommendations must fit well within the specified budget.

At the same time, keep room for a few hundred dollars more for last-minute changes, as budgets generally tend to expand themselves when the actual work starts.

Don’t lose focus of what’s important

Whatever design or theme you choose when upgrading your bath, never compromise on the basics—that is, plumbing and electrical work. There is no point in installing expensive fixtures and design elements in a bathroom with poor plumbing or faulty electrical system.

For bathroom remodeling Phoenix Az that will give you value for every dollar spent and will stand the test of time, hire a remodeling agency that specializes in the job. Let the experts do a thorough evaluation of the existing structure and then recommend which needs more work—the design elements or the basics.

Lastly, insist on using only high-quality fittings and fixtures. They may cost a little more now, but they will help you save on long-term maintenance, repair and replacement. For instance, opt for stain-proof and break-proof flooring instead of the cheapest available option. Choose quality over looks when giving your bath a makeover, and you won’t regret it.

Bonus tip: If you’re not planning to sell your home very soon, go all out and indulge yourself in getting the bathroom that you always wanted but never had. In any case, a remodeled modern bathroom will add to the value of your property. However, let the designers know if you intend to sell the property in the next couple of years, so that they can suggest functional design elements that will appeal to most home buyers.

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