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Kitchen remodeling, no matter how exciting it may sound, can be confusing. You have to make difficult and sometimes irreversible decisions, allocate time, effort, and money, and plan the process.

Among the many things you have to plan carefully are the design details of your kitchen backsplash tile mosaic. This project can be complicated, given the fact that you have to make sure that the tiles you will use will complement each other and look immaculate after installation.

Apart from these items on the list, there are other things that you should contemplate as well. Consider consulting with a design consultant, contractor, or designer before the installation process.

Here are the three most important factors you should seriously consider when designing your own kitchen backsplash tile mosaic.

Colorful or Neutral

This is very important because this will determine your next courses of action and the materials you need to purchase. So, what look are you aiming for in your kitchen? Do you want it to be colorful, or do you want to stay in the neutral zone? Colorful backsplash can create a huge and immediate impact, while neutral tones can bring more character to the area.

It will all come down to the materials and colors that will be used in the space and how well you put the tiles together and pair the tiles. Your color palette and preference will also matter, so take your time and plan this out carefully. If you are the type who is more drawn to color, a colorful backsplash can make you happy. On the other hand, if you find peace in neutral spaces, neutral tones are fit for you.

Height of the backsplash

This component is what homeowners often overlook. Remember that the backsplash that you will set up is not infinite. It has to end at a certain point. Where this point is, is certainly up to you. If you have cabinetries, then these can be a big deciding factor. If you prefer a hint of the tile, bring the backsplash up at the bottom of the cabinet.

If you prefer seeing more tile, you can extend the backsplash up to the ceiling area, over the stove, or your sink.

Material of choice

Your material of choice is as crucial as the color of your backsplash. You have to figure out what kind of tile will work best and will complement your projected overall design.

Will hand-painted tiles work? Or bricks will do the trick? Will ceramic tiles fit?

These are a few considerations you have to answer, and the decision you come up with should be a product of your personal preference and the design you want to achieve. If you plan to achieve an industrial or rustic kind of kitchen, bricks will work best. If you prefer a contemporary and clean look, a matte glazed crisp ceramic tile is your top bet.

If you need help in finding out the kind of tile and the type of material that will mesh well with the look you are vying for, call Belk Tiles today. Their representatives are more than skilled and willing to offer expert advice to help you complete your dream kitchen.

Don’t hesitate, call them today and let your dreams come to life.

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