With the rise of Cryptocurrency came the rise of Trading Robots as well. If you’re wondering what these trading robots look like, don’t worry. They’re nothing like the scary robots you see on TV with their mechanical claws and plots for world domination. But with the intelligence trading robots have nowadays; it would be frightening if something like that happened.

Kidding aside, AI intelligence surely has surpassed the human capacity for data processing. I’m not saying robots are better or more intelligent than actual people (no offense to pro-human factions out there), but they’re definitely more capable of storing more information. This also means that they can process and analyse the same amount of information more objectively and accurately. If any human person were to attempt doing the same thing, I could only pray for his neural circuits.

BIG DATA is the term used to refer to the enormous data available in various primary and extended databases that contain the latest trading information and market trends statistics existing in the crypto world today (Phew, long sentence. Please see reference). A crypto trading robot, with access to such a diverse and encompassing source of trading information such as the Big Data is bound to perform better than any other crypto robot.

I have prepared this short resource to serve as a guide for people looking to avail a trading robot service for their own cryptocurrency trading needs. So if you’re planning to go into crypto trading anytime soon, you should probably take a look at the top 10 cryptocurrency trading robots we have for 2018.

  1. Bitcoin Trader

If there’s any cryptocurrency robot users trust, it’s got to be Bitcoin Trader. Well-known for its laser-accurate performance, traders can trade bitcoin on auto pilot with much confidence. Laser accurate performance refers to the system’s ability to bring back your investment through making highly accurate trading decisions that can earn you two, three, or even five times more your initial investments. Its superior technology claims give you the advantage of being 0.01 second ahead of everyone else in the trade. And mind you, that mere fraction of a second makes all the difference if we’re talking about cryptocurrency.

Find out why Bitcoin’s value is so volatile it can change in a matter of a second: https://www.investopedia.com/articles/investing/052014/why-bitcoins-value-so-volatile.asp

  1. Bitcoin Loophole

Next comes Steve McKay’s Bitcoin Loophole, a cryptocurrency system highly praised for its efficient auto pilot mode. For novices who have zero experience on crypto trading, software such as Bitcoin Loophole is heaven sent. The system has access to overwhelming information that include previous asset movements, market trends, and other relevant trading information. The name of the robot itself defines how the system was founded and developed.

  1. Crypto CFD Trader

With close to a perfect score on client reviews, Crypto CFD Trader is no pushover in the Cryptocurrency Trading Industry. Although a relatively new player in the field, Crypto CFD Trader gained most of its popularity by playing fair. The system abides by some of the strictest data encryption protocols SSL has. Infused with a self-learning algorithm, the Crypto CFD Trader grows better, wiser, and more consistent with each trade. You don’t see an AI system this advanced everyday!

  1. Bitcoin Code

Another trusted and sought-after trading program of the crypto world is Bitcoin Code. Why with its estimated 97% pay-out rate, no trader in his right mind can resist its charm. It’s easy for beginners to use and also offers the same laser accurate performance other bitcoin systems offer – even in auto pilot mode. Bitcoin Code is non-selective of its users. If anything, they would love it if everyone had the equal chance to come on board the wealth train! They also offer platforms for CFD and Forex trading. Talk about huge plusses!

  1. Crypto Code

Simmons, Forex-investor turned cryptocurrency enthusiast, is the man behind Crypto Code. The Crypto code team were so bent on quality that it took them five whole years to finish the system’s design. Talk about good insistence on quality. The software is also available as a mobile application and can easily run with just about any device. No scams, just legit trading fun.

  1. Ethereum Code

The world of cryptocurrency was recently shaken by the launch of Ethereum. Just like bitcoin, ethereum is a virtual currency worthy of your time. That is, if you partner with the right trading system. If bitcoin has Bitcoin Code, ethereum also has Ethereum Code. And they’re just about the same in terms of efficiency, reliability, and accuracy. Another great thing about this trading software is that it is purely web-based. This means that you free yourself from the risk of downloading harmful or system-damaging software.

  1. QProfit System

Okay. So we’ve been seeing trading software especially designed for specific trades and here’s another one. QProfit is a CFD trading robot that is well-regarded for its use of state-of-the-art Quantum Technology and application of Big Data Investment Principles. To cut the long story short, these two groundbreaking additions to the already efficient trading software has taken trading robots to even greater heights. When you think CFD, think QProfit.

  1. Fintech Limited

The name is Fintech Limited. But with this trading robot, expect the opportunities for huge payouts to be limitless! This Forex robot may not deal with cryptocurrencies specifically, but it’s admirable design and function is worthy of mention – plus, I’m placing a good bet we have some Forex traders reading our content too. You can choose between auto pilot and manual modes of trading. This means that the system is ideal for beginners to use as well.

  1. Crypto VIP Club

Feel like a VIP all the time when you use Crypto VIP Club for your CFD trades. This trading software is so strict when it comes to quality that it only operates with officially monitored platforms. And it is all to ensure that your investments will not go to waste – not today, not tomorrow, not ever. The creator of Crypto VIP Club, Andrew King, had a very commendable vision for this software too. And that is to help ordinary people (like himself) achieve financial independence. The system itself is programmed to be selective of trades it chooses to engage with. The benchmark always lies with the current Bitcoin value. When the value goes up, the software will engage in trading activity. When the value decreases or have signs of decreasing, the software will automatically change its course and trade with other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin or Ethereum. Pretty slick, isn’t it?

  1. Crypto Robot 365

This UK bound software was mainly developed and launched to excel in several cryptocurrency mines: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero – and probably more in the near future. Although this software may not be as well-acclaimed as the others, we are sure of two things: (1) It’s legit and (2) it’s stable. So stable, even, that it can generate good results despite the cryptocurrency not being very strong. Another good thing about this software is that it doesn’t make any crazy, unrealistic promises. It is very much aware of what it can do as a software and that’s definitely a good sign of authenticity. What it does promise, however, is to deliver results – no matter how big or small. So if you’re looking for a stable and reliable system Crypto Robot 365 is the thing for you.

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