To attract new customers and retain those you already have, you should seriously consider using coupons. Coupon specialists from Wikigains, an established UK coupon site, say 95% of customers like vouchers. In fact, 60% of customers go out of their way to find deals. That said, you have to use coupons properly to enjoy their intended benefits.

  1. Give Your Customers Value 

Customers are only interested in how your offer benefits them. However valuable your products are, your customers will have no interest in them unless they can benefit from using them.

  1. Have Your Logo In Your Coupon

Make your logo part of the coupon deal. Coupons help you market your brand, and build its identity. A logo will also ensure your offer gets more credibility and better response.

  1. Make A Real Offer

Always make a real offer, such as “70% Off!” or “$80 Off!” A free bonus, product, or subscription is also good.
Percentage discounts are good where the discounts are large. Dollar discounts are better where the product value is well known. Visit Wikigains to get ideas on how to create coupons.

  1. Create A Customer Database

Having a list of clients is good for sale and profit maximization. A customer database should have information such as names, email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses. According to Wikigains, such a database is an important business asset.

  1. Use These 18 Powerful Marketing Words

There are words that customers especially respond to when they read advertisements. These are money, guarantee, simple, love, free, save, now, amazing, sex, now, results, profit, easy, new, fast, how to, discovery, and proven.

  1. Use White Space Effectively

It can be tempting to use up all the space you have at your disposal. You may want to tell your clients everything you can about your deal. However, some restraint is usually better.

  1. Use A Definite Headline

The phrase promoting your offer should be concise. For instance:

You can get more ideas on how to create effective deals on Wikigains.

  1. Go Past The Sale

After the customer has made a sale, don’t let it end there. Do some follow up with new product brochures, additional coupons, and flyers for special sales. In other words, give the customer a reason to come back later.

  1. Upsell, every time

Whenever a client orders a product or requests for information, suggest higher-priced related products. But also highlight the benefits the products offer. Such include enhanced benefits or more features.

  1. Highlight The Product Benefits

What your clients really care about is how your product benefits them, not the product per se. So, tell them that they will save time or increase their convenience or something similar.

  1. Bundling Your Offers

Coupons can help create traffic and generate sales and profits by bundling offers. Consequently, when a customer buys a product in addition to a profitable accessory at the full price, you can offer them a discount through a coupon.

  1. Get Your Specials Noticed

You should encourage impulse purchases from customers. This is best achieved through displays that showcase your products. These products should be displayed as being on sale; impulse buyers love sales.

  1. Use Photos And Illustrations

Visual content works best when used to demonstrate how a product works. Illustrations help clients understand the product better. Additionally, an illustration will make the product more credible, and make it a more desirable purchase, says Wikigains

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