You can learn a lot about a person by the condition of their lawn. A well-kept, lush green lawn tells a person that you’re responsible and well organised and that you take pride in your home. A brown and patchy lawn can (albeit mistakenly) assume that you’re messy and disorganised. The message you send with your lawn needs careful maintenance. 

Nobody wants a lawn that misrepresents who they are as a person. The problem is, lawn maintenance is not always easy. Watering your lawn regularly can help to keep your lawn looking somewhat healthy, but to have a lawn that sends nothing but positive vibes there are some must-have tools you should get. These tools ensure that you create and maintain a lawn that not only you and your family will appreciate, but your neighbours and guests will too. They’ll also make maintaining your type of turf a breeze. 

Must-have lawn maintenance tools

  1. Gloves

Before you even pick up a lawn maintenance tool, purchase yourself a pair of good gardening gloves. These will save you from painful blisters, scrapes, thorns, cuts and general wear and tear and will protect hands from chemicals and fungal infections that can be contracted by certain plants or gardening materials.  

When choosing gloves, durability is important. Even more important, however, is the fit. If they are too big or loose, you won’t have the dexterity you need and gripping tools and plants properly could be tricky. Your gloves should be snug, but not too tight to limit movement.

  1. Rake

Whether you’re preparing your soil to sow lawn seed or you’re trying to keep instant turf thriving, a rake is an essential item. A levelling rake with evenly spaced teeth will provide seed with the perfect soil texture to germinate in and can be used post-sowing to remove organic matter from established turf. A spring tined rake can be used to remove build up of dead grass or leaves, which can suffocate grass if it’s not dealt with in a timely manner. 

  1. Leaf blower

For quick and efficient cleaning of your yard, you can’t beat a leaf blower. Leaf blowers are versatile pieces of equipment and aren’t just made for blowing leaves. They can move grass clippings, clear wet garden debris, and be used to dry wet surfaces. 

Some models can even be turned into outdoor vacuums, allowing you to gather up dead leaves and turn them into mulch. 

  1. Fertiliser spreader

For feeding and weeding your lawn, a broadcast granular spreader is a must. It disperses fertiliser uniformly in a wide arc and reduces contact with potentially dangerous chemicals. 

You can use a fertiliser spreader to apply any lawn treatment, including grass seed, insecticide, lime, fungicide and fertiliser. The machine will evenly apply the product for more consistent results and will use less product than if you were applying by hand.

  1. Sprayer

Much like a fertiliser spreader, a sprayer helps you to control where you apply a product and how much you apply. It can also help you to spray underneath plants if required. Hose-end sprayers are inexpensive and easy to use, while tank or backpack sprayers allow you to carry more product for bigger lawns. 

  1. Lawn mower

Even if you hire someone to take care of your lawn mowing it pays to have a lawn mower on hand for emergency trims. Landscaper hold ups can happen and you never know when the in-laws might show up! 

Choose a mower that matches up with what you need for your lawn and your comfort. Look for a lawn mower that’s the right height for you and with an engine size that will handle tasks like cutting through tall grass, wet grass, leaf mulching and bagging. If using a ride on mower, add a dethatcher to the back which will quickly help you to rough up your lawn, remove dead grass and allow air and water to penetrate the surface to improve the growth of your grass. 

  1. String trimmer

A string trimmer allows you to cut grass and weeds in the places your lawn mower can’t reach. A good string trimmer means you can be agile around obstacles such as fences, trees, decks, bushes, pots and mailboxes. Look for trimmers with adjustable length shafts or handles so you can customise to your height. Battery-powered trimmers are generally quieter than gas-powered trimmers, but even so you might like to use ear protection when running your string trimmer as they can be noisy. 

  1. Shears

To prevent overgrowth of trees and bushes that can shade the lawn and cause it to die overtime, get yourself some shears. Hand-held pruning shears are great for decorative plants while larger hedge shears are better for shrubbery. To keep trees and palm prongs looking neat and tidy, invest in a pair of looping shears. 

  1. Garden trowel

It’s important that you dig out weeds early before they expand and kill off the lawn underneath them. Garden trowels can be used to dig up weeds that appear on the lawn, as well as install small plants and bulbs. You can fix bare areas quickly with seed or turf sods. 

  1. Hose or sprinkler system

There are two things that every lawn needs and that’s sun and water. You can’t harness the power of the weather but you can harness the power of a hose or sprinkler system to keep your lawn hydrated. To test if your lawn requires watering, take a screwdriver and put it into the ground until it hits 6 inches deep. If the soil’s not wet enough, it’s time to get the hose or sprinkler out. 

  1. Aerator

Over time, it’s common for your lawn to become so compressed that air and water has difficulty penetrating the surface. This prevents your grass from growing as it should. A handheld aerator with solid or hollow tines will relieve the compaction of your yard. 

Investing in the basics

Gardening tools are like kitchen appliances. There are a million different gadgets to choose from and at the end of the day, as long as you’ve got the basics covered – the cutlery, the crockery and utensils – you can get by just fine. The moral of the story is, you don’t need to fill the garden shed. You just need a selection of the correct tools on hand. 

With access to the tools listed above and the right kind of turf you’ve got everything you need to have a lush and beautiful lawn. The next step is to apply a regular maintenance routine in line with the seasons. This is the best way to protect your lawn landscape investment and to have the best looking lawn in the street that says only good things about you.

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