If you go to look out for websites to download music, you’ll simply find millions of websites to download music. We’ve gone through all the website and has brought the list of only the best 11 websites where you can download music for free. 


SoundCloud is a website that offers most of the music from across the world. The music on SoundCloud is uploaded by individual artiste and music company.  SoundCloud has a very user-friendly interface where you can easily search for any music by just typing the name in the search bar.


NoiseTrade is a free music trading platform which helps music labels and artists to connect with their fans and exchange free music. NoiseTrade has a wide range of music collection of music and it also features songs from various artists from across the globe. NoiseTrade also has a trending section where you can check out the trending songs and download them directly by pressing the download button.

Last.fm :

Last.fm is one of the biggest websites across the world that distributes free music. Last.fm was created in 2002 and since then it has been serving people with free music. Initially, the last.fm was created to function as an internet radio station. Now it has become one of the biggest websites which allows you to download a variety of music for free.


ReverbNation was founded in 2006 to provide a central site for musicians, producers and also individual artiste to collaborate with each other and their fans. Many music bands have got fame through ReverbNation and gained recognition by sharing their music on ReverbNation. The site offers music to download from various genres but the pop and hip-hop genre is the speciality of the site.


The free music download website Jamendo was launched in 2005. It is said that Jamendo is an open community of music lovers and independent artists. The aim of Jamendo is to bring all the music professionals and music lovers from all corners of the world to bring under one roof. All the songs uploaded on Jamendo are uploaded by individual artists or a company.


SoundClick is the place from where you can download music directly from the artist’s website. You can explore from a wide range of songs categorised in various genres. You can also stream music on the site or download it. SoundClick offers some cool features like creating custom radio stations and interacting with the other listeners. 


Audiomack can be the best alternative for. SoundCloud as it offers a very friendly user interface. Audiomack is a hub for various artists, labels and music lovers. Audiomack is a  platform to discover various music for all music lovers.

The music is well categorised in Audiomack as Trending, Top Albums and Top songs which makes it easier for the music lovers to discover new music and songs.

Internet Archive (Audio Archive):

The audio section of the Internet Archive offers a wide range of music collection. Apart from the music, it also offers audiobooks, radio programs, podcast and live music. The library contains over 2 million audio files which are freely available to everyone. The songs here are not well categorised but if you search according to the year or music artist then you can easily find the songs from the internet audio archive.


Epitonic is a site with an immense collection of free MP3’s which are available for streaming and downloading. Epitonic is one of the oldest sites that was started in 1999. You can explore the new tracks through the web-based app and stream it online. There is also an option of creating a personalized playlist by signing up on the website.

Amazon Music:

Amazon offers a ton of music for free downloads. Amazon has a separate section which includes music that can be downloaded for free. This is done through Amazon’s selection feature. Amazon also offers a streaming service for all the songs and music. Once you’ve downloaded music from the free section then you can use it up to any time.


All the songs on CCTrax are licensed under Creative Commons. It means that all the music available here are free and it can be downloaded from anywhere. CCTrax has a very good layout which makes it easier to search for music based on the genre, label, licence and artist.

These were some of the best sites where you can download music for free and all the websites mentioned here are completely legal.

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