Have you ever wanted to make money online? If so, you aren’t alone. With literally thousands of ways to make money online, new people are discovering the power and potential of using the internet to make money on the side almost daily.

With so many different opportunities to choose from, one could easily get distracted with what method might be best. We personally feel that blogging and content creation are the best ways to make money and even start a business online, however, these other money making methods work pretty well too.

In this article, we are going to focus on ten different ways to make money online, as if you had your own website or blog. It seems almost every blogger tries monetizing their site with either AdSense or affiliate links. This is especially true for anyone who is spending their time writing online or trying to become a full time freelancer. While those can be good ways to make money, they require a high volume of targeted traffic. It’s a good idea to explore other options to monetize your website.

Here are 10 that you should consider.

1.      Promote freelance writing services

If you’ve built an informative blog, brands in the same niche would be honored to have you as a writer. Many successful writers built their client base and reputation through their own blog. Carol Tice earns a six-figure income as a freelance writer.  Brian Clark, founder of CopyBlogger, charges $3000 for every article he writes. In addition to building out your own website or blog, freelancers can make money by writing on various freelance job marketplaces like FreelanceMyWay, TextBroker and Fiverr.

2.      Run sponsored ads

Sponsored ads are great for monetizing low traffic websites. It can take thousands of website visitors to earn $50 from AdSense. You can earn that much money from a single sponsored ad.

Many brands will happily pay for sponsored ads on blogs without a lot of traffic. The SEO and brand benefits are often enough.

3.      RSS ads

Every blog should have an RSS feed. It isn’t just a good way to reach more viewers, but it can also be a great way to generate more revenue.

You can embed ads in your feed, which lets you generate revenue even if the readers are on another site.

4.      Sell your own online course

Neil Patel is a big advocate of creating and selling online courses. He said one of the great things about them is that you don’t need lots of traffic. You can make money selling your own online courses with as little as 50 visitors a day.

5.      Sell your own e-book

AdSense and affiliate marketing are popular monetization strategies, because they don’t require much work to get started. You just need traffic.

Not nearly as many bloggers create their own e-books, because it takes a lot of work and it doesn’t pay off right away. This means it’s a great opportunity for bloggers that are willing to invest in it over the long-term.

6.      Ask for donations

It may sound humbling, but many bloggers ask their readers for donations. If you create great content, many of them will be happy to oblige. You will never know unless you ask.

7.      Content locking

Content locking is a strategy that requires readers to do something for the blogger before being allowed to read valuable content. You can ask them to share your content on social media, leave a comment on one of your previous posts – or pay you money.

Make sure that your content is very valuable before trying to charge anyone for it. Create something that they won’t find anywhere else on the web.

8.      Consulting

If you are too much of an extrovert to spend every hour of your day writing, then freelance writing may not be the best way to monetize your blog. You may want to try your hand at consulting instead.

Running a blog is a great way to brand yourself as an expert in your field. When people see that you know your niche, they will be happy to pay you a pretty penny for advice.

9.      Selling Links

Now, I prefer white hat strategies and wouldn’t do this myself, but there are plenty of bloggers that create sites for the purpose of selling links. Many brands will pay decent money for links from sites that have some pagerank. Just don’t count on using the same site for other monetization options, because your organic search traffic can vanish if you get flagged by Google.

10. Flipping Your Domain

Lots of bloggers create sites solely to sell them off. If you build a site with plenty of traffic, you can sell it on an online marketplace like Flippa instead of worrying about monetizing it yourself. The benefits of using an open marketplace like this, is that it’s regulated and managed on their end as well — which keeps everyone safe.

It only took us a few minutes to come up with ten different ways to make money with a website or blog, or even just having the skill or expertise for writing. Now that you’ve also seen some of the best ways to make money online, it’s time to take actions and start making some moola for yourself!

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