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Finding the best and most appropriate family law solicitors for you or your family is an important step to guaranteeing the best outcome in a range of challenging situations. Your family is important and so is their future so when legal issues need to be resolved, it is crucial that the right person is at the forefront of it.

Understanding what you are looking for and your own personal needs is one part of choosing the best solicitor. However, there are also some key areas that need to be comprehended in order to make an educated and well informed decision.

  1. Seek recommendations

As is the case with any specialist, people are likely to seek out a recommendation from family and friends. The same applies when it comes to a lawyer. Seeking recommendations will help to narrow down the options and identify the most suitable professional.

  1. Choose a law firm or lawyer who specialises in family law

Hiring a lawyer that specialises in family law will go a long way to achieving success. An attorney with a deep knowledge of the issues and experience in cases surrounding family law will be able to provide more help and guidance and likely achieve a better result.

  1. Look for a firm that provide multiple points of contact throughout the firm and have a strong knowledge of your matter(s)

It can be frustrating not having your questions answered when you need them to be because your lawyer is busy. A firm that provides multiple contact points ensures the client that any questions they may have are able to be answered quickly.

  1. Talk to the solicitor on the phone prior to meeting

A short phone call will provide a good overview as to whether the lawyer is going to be the right fit. Are you comfortable with their style and can they be easily understood?

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for another lawyer within the firm after the initial meeting

It is really important that the client develops a good relationship with their lawyer. Having found the right firm, finding the most appropriate attorney is critical. Specialists firms will have multiple family law solicitors and should be willing tom help you find the right one.

  1. Be careful with attorneys who talk about “winning”

When it comes to family law, there can be differing views on what is actually defined as a “win”. A great example of this is the instance of custody over children. Should one party feel that they have lost, it can cause significant conflict which ultimately has a negative impact on the children.

It is important to find the right medium from a solicitor’s point of view to ensure that all members of the family feel comfortable with the result.

  1. Ask the lawyer how long they have specialised for and check the admission date

Family lawyers Sydney need to be experienced in family law, so make sure you know how long they have been practicing.

  1. Steer clear of solicitors who claim to be fierce litigators and collaborative negotiators

Quite simply, you cannot be both. Some firms, in fact, have sub-specialists such as litigators, negotiators and experts in business or commercial family law allowing clients to find the right professional for their needs.

  1. Ensure that the attorney has a sound knowledge of corporate practice, taxation and financial statements and outcomes

Whilst much of this is the job of a skilled accountant or financial advisor, having a lawyer who understands this will help to ensure a successful result. A lawyer that is able to refer you to an accountant or financial advisor when specific documents are a part of the case will go a long way to achieving a positive result.

  1. Compare the lawyers charge rates

This is by no way a hard a fast way of deciding between lawyers but it does give a good indication as to whether or not you are being charged a fair rate.

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