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To avoid low blood sugar, you need to have a hearty breakfast to start your day. Prepare a nutrient-full meal that can fuel you up until your next meal and zap those unhealthy food cravings throughout the day.

Here’s a list of nutrition-dense grocery specials to include in your daily breakfast diet.

  1. Eggs

Eggs are godsent to breakfast meals. They are rich in protein, which helps busy adults stay full for longer hours. It only takes eight minutes to boil an egg for a protein-rich breaky.

  1. Oats

Oats is a common breakfast cereal throughout the world as they are nutritious, easy and quick to make. Go for 100% whole-grain, which is filled in fibre, B-vitamins, plant-based protein and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron. The fibre in oats also fuels your body’s probiotics, helping good bacteria in the body to thrive.

  1. Whole-Grain Toast

Whole grains are rich in antioxidants, protecting the body from the development of cancer-causing tissues. Plus, they are loaded with minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron and zinc—key components to a robust immune system and heart health. Don’t forget its fibre components, too, which aids with the body’s digestive works.

  1. Bananas

Don’t have time for breakfast? Grab a banana. They are filling and help improve your mood, thanks to folate and vitamin B6, which aids in the body’s serotonin production. For an extra health benefit, slice up bananas to top your morning oats or your whole-grain toast.

  1. Black Coffee or Tea

The antioxidants found in unsweetened black coffee and tea lower the risk of chronic diseases and help with weight management. These drinks are always a zero-calorie choice, which is great for anyone trying to lose a few pounds.

  1. Unsweetened Yogurt

Unsweetened Greek yogurt is a great source of probiotic benefits. Look for ones with live and active culture in grocery specials for a healthier choice. It is also a good item to have if you’re aiming for a low-sugar breakfast. For more flavour, just as some fruits.

  1. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are some of the top food items that contain high amounts of fibre. And one best thing about its fibre is that they are the viscous type, which absorbs water, thus helping with food digestion in the system.

  1. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is among the best cheese to have for breakfast as they are high in protein, boosting the body’s metabolism and reducing the production of the hunger hormone ghrelin. Also, cottage cheese is a wonderful source of calcium, which is ideal for everybody’s bone health.

  1. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter makes everything better. It is a sweet and healthy addition to smoothies and plain toasts. But make sure to look for kinds of butter made from 100 per cent nuts and salt with no more than 140mg per serving.

  1. Sweet Potatoes

A medium-sized sweet potato already provides about 400 per cent of an average person’s daily vitamin A requirement. It is rich in beta-carotene, important for immunity, and fibre, which lowers LDL cholesterol. Try sweet potato as an alternative to white bread, muffin or bagel.

As the old adage says, “Eat breakfast like a king.” It highlights the importance of breakfast as the first meal of the day. Take your time to whip up a nutritious and delicious breakfast every day. Your body and mind will thank you for it!


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