Nowadays it has become hard to escape from technology as it is present everywhere and became much more accessible. Technology isn’t all terrible as it is something like a mirror with 100% reflection. Like, if you use it decently, it reflects you the best and on the other hand, if you are taking that in a wrong way, it drives you to the most terrible. For this you can’t accuse innovation it’s ‘you’ who ought to have legitimate cutoff points towards the use of innovation.

Here are 10 misuses of technology that needs to stop right now.

Usage of modern technology in classrooms

In modern classrooms, the misuse of technology is becoming widespread as many students in the classrooms are armed with tablets, laptops, iPods and other electronic devices check Frontier Internet service. In addition to this, researchers have demonstrated that students interact more with these devices than their books.

Cyber Crimes

Cyber Crime is the utilization of PCs and systems to perform criminal operations, for example, spreading PC infections, web-based tormenting, performing unapproved electronic reserve moves, and so on. Most cybercrimes are perpetrated through the web. A few cybercrimes can likewise be done utilizing Mobile Phones through SMS and internet visiting applications.

Types of cybercrimes

  • Denial of Service Attacks
  • Spam
  • Electronic funds transfer
  • ATM Fraud
  • Sharing copyrighted files/information
  • Privacy violation
  • Identity Theft
  • Electronic money laundering
  • Computer Fraud

Digital counterfeiting

It is one of the greatest examples of technology misuse. Digital counterfeiting is the unlawful demonstration of making duplicates of things, for example, legal documents, currency and MasterCard’s with the utilization of PCs, scanners, and printers. With the extremely good color quality and high resolution of the printer offered today, people have expanded the open door that is higher than any time in recent memory to make digital counterfeiting. The US Secret Service assesses that over 60% of all falsified cash today is made carefully. With the headway in the innovation of scanners, printers, and PCs, the expansion of advanced falsifying is at a record-breaking high.


Nowadays people are using digital devices like tablets, computers and cell phones widely due to which bullying has become easy. Cyberbullying can happen through Text, SMS, gaming or gatherings and applications, or online in web-based life where individuals can see, partake in or offer substance. Cyberbullying incorporates sending, posting, or sharing negative, hurtful, false, or mean substance about another person. It can incorporate sharing individual or private data about another person causing shame or embarrassment


It is a criminal practice where an individual uses the Internet to efficiently irritate or undermine somebody. This wrongdoing can be executed through instant messaging clients, social media, email, chat rooms, and another online medium. Cyberstalking can likewise happen related to the more conventional type of stalking, where the victim is harassed by the offender offline.


It is distinguishing shortcomings in PC frameworks or systems to misuse its weakness to obtain access it actually means utilizing PCs to submit fake acts, for example, fraud,  privacy invasion,  stealing corporate/personal data, and so forth. Digital wrongdoings cost numerous associations a large number of dollars consistently. Organizations need to insure themselves against such assaults.


Trolling has turned out to be a basic place where the individuals who like to raise trouble “sow discord” online.

Over usage of technology

Due to the overuse of technology our mental health is affecting so we should spend less time online.

Health risks associated with games

Those games which increase the risks of harmfulness either offline or offline must be stopped to protect the child’s mental health.

So, it’s not the fault of technology but the fault of people who misuse technology. The huge issue about innovation abuses can be abridged in two words: culture and training. A few people aren’t adequately refined to utilize innovation appropriately as an apparatus since they use it as a simple way arrangement or as popular patterns. Likewise, these individuals don’t have instruction to utilize it accurately.

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