Your business signage is a valuable investment. After you’ve sliced off a part of your budget into it, surely you don’t want the sign to get damaged easily or to lose its aesthetic appeal in just a short period of time. After all, a crumbling or unattractive business sign can hurt the image of your company.

So maintenance is a must for all types of business signs, even for those well-crafted signs made from sturdy materials and produced using cutting-edge technology. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor sign of any size, the thing is that it can’t escape different types of damage.

If you want to make your business signage to look good as new, you should take note of these list of maintenance considerations to keep the visual impact of your business signage.


Outdoor signs are inevitable to accumulate layers of dirt due to its vulnerable location. Generally, outdoor signs are constantly exposed to outdoor elements, especially the wind that brings dirt and dust particles in the air and may eventually descend on the surface and crevices of your signage.

Therefore, it’s advisable that you clean the signage regularly to make sure that it doesn’t lose its visual impact. You can do the cleaning by yourself or with your staff or hire a cleaning service to do the job. It’s also essential to ask the signage maker about the best and safest way to clean your business signage.


While dirt is not the number one enemy of indoor signs, it can accumulate dust within your business establishment. Dust is not good for your indoor signs because it will make them look unattractive and unprofessional.

The good thing is that dust is easy to clean. You just have to see to it that you wipe down the surface of the signage regularly to maintain its vivid colors and aesthetic appeal.


Signs like laser cut metal signs are popular because of their quality and durability. However, it’s undeniable that some types of metal are vulnerable to rust, especially if they are exposed to harsh weather elements.

Aside from the fact that rust will impair the look of your sign, it will also cause permanent damage to it due to its corrosive properties.

For you to solve this problem, you need to contact your signage maker and seek advice on how to take care of metal signage. Some signage makers nowadays also provide maintenance to address such problems.


Exposure to the sun and rain can fade the bright and beautiful surface of your signage. So if you notice that the colors of the signage are already fading, it’s crucial to restore them using fresh paint or prints.

Such maintenance is not heavy on the budget and can surely enhance the dull and faded look of your signage like its new again.

Wear and Tear

Whatever type of signage material can be subjected to wear and tear, but more damage is likely to occur if your business signs are always on-the-move. Take, for instance, vehicle graphics. This type of business sign gets more exposure to elements than stationary signage, and they can get dirty frequently or be easily damaged

The good thing is that signage creation companies nowadays also do cleaning services to keep up the visual impact of vehicle graphics. They also provide tips on how to clean vehicle graphics properly if you want to do the cleaning by yourself.

Structural Damage

Signs located in dense traffic areas can get damaged easily because drivers and pedestrians may accidentally collide with them. Sometimes it may cause the materials to break depending on the impact.

Harsh weather can also cause structural damage to your outdoor signage. It’s crucial to take action right away if you notice any structural damage on your sign because it can worsen if left unattended.


Some people have nothing else to but to vandalize your signage. Vandalism is a very unfortunate circumstance that can happen to any business owners. So once you notice that your sign gets vandalized, you should address it immediately by refacing it. You can also contact your signage maker for any repair or replacement.


Signs that have lighting fixtures require constant monitoring and maintenance. Not only that it’s crucial to maintain the visual impact of the signage, but it’s also for the safety. Defective lighting is not only unattractive, but it may also cause a fire to your business establishment. So you should see to it that you provide regular maintenance of your lighted business signage.


Sometimes you have to decide for an upgrade or replacement of your sign out of necessity. After all, a new business sign can be a significant part of the branding and making your company image look fresh. Upgrading your signage is also an excellent investment when you think of improving the clarity of the message you want to tell your potential customers.

Outdated Information

The information or the message in your signage should be up to date. Thanks to technology, we now have business signs, such as LCD or LED digital signage that you can change the image or information whenever you like. So perhaps you can try those digital signs to save money from regularly updating your business information and brand message.


It’s crucial that you maintain the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your signage because it’s a valuable part of your business. You should ensure that it’s clear, clean, bright, well-designed, updated, and upgraded. You can learn from the maintenance tips above to make your signage look new as ever.

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