In today’s media-saturated world, perhaps the biggest advantage a brand can have is its ability to talk and more importantly, listen to their customer. The one platform that delivers this is live chat support. 

From tech support and product assistance to order management, live chat customer support is the cornerstone of providing excellence in customer service. And the benefits? Far-reaching and wide.

Here are just a few ways in which a chat support services can elevate any business.


  • It is convenient for customers.


Every business has a thumb-rule – be where your customers are. Today’s customer is constantly on their phone and prefers a quick text over a long-drawn phone call or an email. If they shop in real-time, naturally they expect all problems to be resolved in real-time. With this real-time response model, live chat support saves precious time for the customer, thereby making it convenient for them to use.


  • It humanizes the brand and improves customer retention.


A live support chat service allows the brand to help the customer in a human, personable manner. This kind of a personalized approach fosters customer’s trust in the brand and retains their relationship with it. 


  • It generates leads.


More often than not, it’s the service experience that has the customer invested in the brand. If a customer has a good experience once, they will return to renew it again – by diversifying their interest in other products and features of your brand. A simple tactic, constant leads.


  • It makes the website robust.


A large number of web users can and prefer helping themselves. However, when they do need help and cannot find it easily, it hampers their experience. A strategically placed live support chat service can help overcome any limitations in their browsing experience, making the website more robust and accessible.


  • It helps your Sales Team realize the ABC motto.


Always Be Closing – a live chat customer support can help realize this. In helping the customer resolve any issues, a chat support agent has myriad opportunities to upsell and cross-sell other aspects of your business/service.

  1. It is balance-sheet friendly!

A live chat support service drastically cuts down on the resolution time, has much lower customer support costs than traditional phone-based customer support, and improves overall support efficiency. All this coupled with the ROI it brings, it is definitely a pocket-friendly approach to customer servicing. 


  • It gives you intangible customer insights in a tangible manner.


It is impossible to quantify the reasoning of the customer’s mindset. It is, however, possible to observe and learn from it. By viewing customer behaviour on the website, listening to their expectations and auditing their concerns, a wealth of customer insights can be collected which can further feedback into improving the brand experience and sales.


  • It provides definitive metrics to measure ROI.


Cost-per-contact, First Contact Resolution, Customer Satisfaction, Escalation Rate, Deflection Rate, Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate are just some of the metrics that are made available through a live chat support service that the traditional platforms of customer support service do not offer.


  • It is driven by skilled agents.


Though internal teams can be in line with the brand ethos, they often fail to understand the strategies that can engage customers in a good conversation flow. With the right chat support outsourcing service, the entire process is taken care of by experienced executives who are specially trained in building rapport with the customers, while remaining true to the brand principles.


  • It strengthens your brand value.


Customers today aren’t merely satisfied with a good product or service. They need to know that holistic brand experience is on the plate. A live chat support service brings this experience to the table. It shows the customers that the brand is invested in cutting-edge technologies and is willing to go the extra mile to deliver satisfaction.

In a nutshell, an effective live chat support service can give your business the edge it needs – “effective”, being the keyword. Often, it is difficult to gauge the extent of the workforce needed, to map their skills and to schedule them in a way that you’re available for your customers 24×7. In such a scenario, it is prudent for your business to outsource the chat support to trained experts.


This is the basis of the chat support outsourcing service at Expert Callers. We assess the extent of your business requirements, we recommend the right chat platform (self-hosted vs cloud-based, reactive platform vs proactive platform) and we model a platform from our host of live chat support services.

By understanding your brand personality, every product/service feature, end-to-end process flows, we train and equip our agents to represent your brand online, as authentically as possible. 

With the right mix of technology and people, our live chat customer support service is renowned in delivering and boosting the ideal brand experience.

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